🦁 Lion


Majestic, King, Leader, Power, Pride, Honor, Respect, Fearless, Dangerous, Wild, Courage, Dignity, Dominance, Ferocity, Protection, Luxury

🦁 Meaning: The face of a lion looking straight ahead with blank eyes, and its signature mane around its head, through which its pointy ears are sticking out.

The 🦁 Lion Face emoji depicts signifies strength and dominance, along with leadership, honor, and royalty (It’s the king of beasts after all). It also suggests danger and ferocity, the kind that demands respect.

The platforms vary in their designs of this emoji but they all employ the color yellow as a major tone.

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How and When to Use the 🦁 Lion Emoji

  • There’s no better emoji than 🦁 you can use if you want to represent a literal lion, or even wildlife too in general.
  • If you want to convey to another person that you need to be respected or even feared, 🦁 can be used as that symbol of strength.
  • A sense of leadership or dominion can be signified through the 🦁 emoji.
  • The lion protects his family from harm, and you could tell your loved ones that you too will protect them in the same way, like a lion, using 🦁 in the message.
  • Luxury can also be represented by 🦁 very well when you want to tell someone that you’re “living like a king”.

Other Names

  • 🦁 King
  • 🦁 King Of Beasts
  • 🦁 King Of The Jungle
  • 🦁 Leo
  • 🦁 African Lion
  • 🦁 Wildcat
  • 🦁 Circle Of Life
  • 🦁 Feline
  • 🦁 Roar