♍ Virgo


The Maiden, Virgin, Fifth Sign, Logical, Practical, Diligence, Consistency, Emotional Unavailability

Meaning: A capital ‘M’ characterized with a 🎗️ Ribbon kind of loop at the edge of the ending stroke. The ♍ Virgo emoji is a reference to the fifth zodiac sign. It signifies the ‘Maiden’ or the ‘Virgin’ from a symbolic perspective, and a ton of specific personality traits.

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How and When to Use the ♍ Virgo Emoji

  • Based on the symbol of ♍, you can use this emoji while referring to a ‘virgin’ or being/staying a virgin. For instance, “Yes. I am a virgin . And no, that doesn’t make it “boring” or “Why does everything have to be about losing it???? Guess what? I am losing it! MY MIND”.
  • An earth sign, ♍ also has heavy references to the harvest, farming, agriculture, etc. Hence, if you’re either wishing someone abundance or sharing a positive post on harvesting, you can use this emoji.
  • You ought to drag ♍ into the picture when the context is about Virgo’s horoscope for the day, an astrological repost about this sun or moon sign, or even a post on the constellation of Virgo.
  • Since the constellation of Virgo signifies justice (based on the Greek goddess, Dike), you may include ♍ even while sharing justice-based content or while speaking of it in a suitable conversation.
  • Although ♍ does look like a fancy ‘M’, it would be quite a blunder to use it as a substitute for the capital letter.

Other Names

  • ♍ Virgo Zodiac
  • ♍ Virgo Symbol
  • ♍ The Maiden
  • ♍ The Virgin
  • ♍ Fifth Zodiac Sign
  • ♍ Sun Sign/Moon Sign
  • ♍ Horoscope
  • ♍ Virgo Constellation
  • ♍ Dike (Greek Goddess of Justice)