🩸 Drop of Blood


Blood Shed, Bleeding, Menstruation, Blood Donation, Life, Family, Crime Scene, Horror

🩸 Meaning: A red droplet similar in design to the blue 💧 Droplet. The 🩸 Drop of Blood emoji represents blood as the name suggests. It signifies a source of life, a sense of oneness and similarity, menstruation, and the literal and metaphorical contexts of blood; shedding or saving it.

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How and When to Use the 🩸 Drop of Blood Emoji

  • Shedding or saving blood has more than just one meaning and deep significances, and you may use 🩸 in all such scenarios. Some hypothetical conversations are as follows:
  • Something as literal as “There was quite some blood lost on that crime scene 🩸”. Or something as indirect as, “Great is the victory that is won without any bloodshed 🩸” or “Nothing is ever worth bleeding for 🩸”.
  • Blood may also symbolize horror, dread, fear, danger, etc. Although consecutively negative, 🩸 would come in handy for all such themes.
  • If you’re using blood-related idioms, like being thicker than water (family), blood money, or just blood-based contexts like murder, crime, hard work (“sweat and blood”), blood donations, 🩸 is mandatory.
  • If you’re sharing informative and educative content on periods (aka menstruation, flow, menstrual cycle, horror show, etc), bring in 🩸.

Other Names

  • 🩸 Red Droplet
  • 🩸 Blood
  • 🩸 Blood Drop
  • 🩸 Blood Shed
  • 🩸 Menstruation
  • 🩸 Period
  • 🩸 Blood Donation
  • 🩸 Bleed