⚫ Black Circle


Recognition, Black Hair, Darkness, Nothingness, Endless, Black Hole, Nazar, Protection

Meaning: A thick, glossy black film pasted within a large circle. The ⚫ Black Circle emoji has deeper interpretations as opposed to the other colored circles. It symbolizes darkness, nothingness, Nazar, and lusciousness when it comes to hair and hair health.

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How and When to Use the ⚫ Black Circle Emoji

  • Firstly, ⚫ is a fascinating emoji. It looks like nothing and something at the same time, and this point too, focuses on that. Like, “Nothing is permanent ⚫” or “All I see in this nothingness is me ⚫”.
  • You could use ⚫ while referring to black hair too. This means you can bring in this emoji while sharing informative and educative content about hair, hair types, hairstyles, etc.
  • Black is also associated with death and mourning quite often. So, if you’re putting up a social media status fighting for justice for someone who passed, sharing a RIP story, a post in loving memory, or even metaphorically mentioning death, you can use ⚫.
  • A black dot on the body; a birthmark or a mole signify a mark of recognition. Hence, if you’re crafting this angle in a figurative sense, use ⚫. For instance, “My scars carry stories of my past, not of my future ⚫”.

Other Names

  • ⚫ Black Dot
  • ⚫ Nazar
  • ⚫ Large Black Circle
  • ⚫ Black Hole
  • ⚫ Nothingness
  • ⚫ Dark Dot
  • ⚫ Black
  • ⚫ Medium Black Circle