🐏 Ram


Power, Virility, Headstrong, Pugnacious, Argumentative, Brute Force

🐏 Meaning: The full body of a male sheep, also known as ‘Ram’, standing on all fours, facing left, displaying its furry, all-white body, and its signature curved horns.

Rams are known for taking on disputes physically with headbutt fights among its peers, and this kind of jumpy hostility is signified by the 🐏emoji, but it also suggests a sense of power and virility.

The platforms vary in their depictions of this emoji, some showing the ram facing straight ahead and some even displaying darker shades of fur.

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How and When to Use the 🐏 Ram Emoji

  • When the conversation literally involves rams or even sheep, using 🐏 works just fine.
  • Rams signify a sense of a power that can be represented by 🐏 emoji when the same is identified among people.
  • People who are perpetually ready to get into fights can be represented with the 🐏 emoji.
  • Rams also represent masculinity which can be denoted by the 🐏 emoji.

Other Names

  • 🐏 Sheep
  • 🐏 Male Sheep
  • 🐏 Buck
  • 🐏 Horned Sheep
  • 🐏 Lamb
  • 🐏 Mutton
  • 🐏 Headbutt
  • 🐏 Battering Ram