♌ Leo


The Lion, Passion, Charisma, Warmth, Horoscope, Bravery, Strength, Dominating

Meaning: A small circle on the mid-left of a purple square attached to a curving line that stretches up to the upper border and ‘U’ turns to the bottom, in style, of course.

The ♌ Leo emoji refers to the fifth zodiac, and to the ‘Lion’ as the name itself suggests. Nonetheless, it signifies the array of typical attributes and aspects of the Leo zodiac, along with references to the constellation.

Copy and paste this emoji:

How and When to Use the ♌ Leo Emoji

  • If you’re sending a Leo horoscope post to someone, or if you’re texting the zodiacal implications of someone’s choices, random encounters, etc., you can use ♌. Like, “Oh, poor Leo ♌. It’s predicted that you’ll have the most unimpressive small talk today”.
  • You could also use ♌ while sharing pictures of Leo’s zodiac animal, the Lion! This application extends even to all those motivational quotes with the face of a lion in the background.
  • Even while giving a shoutout to all the Leo zodiac members in the comments section or in your social media stories, ♌ becomes mandatory.
  • While sharing those gorgeous zodiac sign based makeup posts, clothing/fashion reposts, or even astrologically embedded content about Leo precisely, use ♌.

Other Names

  • ♌ Leo Zodiac
  • ♌ Leo Symbol
  • ♌ The Lion
  • ♌ Horoscope
  • ♌ Astrology
  • ♌ Leo Zodiac Sign
  • ♌ Sun Sign and Moon Sign