🥯 Bagel


Baking, Bakery, Sweet, Savoury, Filled Bagel, Snacks, Festivity, Breakfast

🥯 Meaning: A round dough-based baked snack with a hole in between, horizontally sliced, thus revealing a white-layer of filling in between. The 🥯 Bagel emoji can signify bakery, snacks, festive foods and breakfast.

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How and When to Use the 🥯 Bagel Emoji

  • While sharing a picture of your on-the-go breakfast or a regular lazy day breakfast, anything composed of bagels, you can use 🥯 in those post/story captions or even within text messages while responding to “What’s cooking ?”.
  • Use 🥯 while commenting on yummy bagel posts or even while posting or reposting anything related to it; it can be a creative bagel post that you came across while scrolling through your feed or a fancy bagel that you tried baking, etc.
  • If you’re setting up a food/snack stall or you’re selling these goodies online, etc, and you’re sharing a social media post or story for the same, then you must use 🥯 in all such contexts.
  • If you’re sharing a post for any ‘Bagel Festival’, then 🥯 is a mandate.
  • Just a 🥯 also refers to an ordinary, mundane and mediocre person or thing, so, you can use this emoji in such frameworks too. (Just a bagel, incase there was any confusion).

Other Names

  • 🥯 Beigel
  • 🥯 Baked Snack
  • 🥯 Doughnut (not exactly, but kinda works)
  • 🥯 Bakery
  • 🥯 Savory
  • 🥯 Filled Bagel
  • 🥯 Snacks

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