🌸 Cherry Blossom


Beauty, Fragility, Transience, Ephemeral, Circle of Life, Springtime, Renewal, New Life

🌸 Meaning: A single pink flower with five big petals that are light in shade at the top and darker towards the center. The flower has a yellow center that has a couple of black stamens emerging from it.

The 🌸 Cherry Blossom emoji signifies springtime. It suggests new life, renewal, hope, balance, and the circle of life. Many times, the cherry blossom reminds us of our own lives, its fragility, and transience.

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How and When to Use the 🌸 Cherry Blossom Emoji

  • If you’re wishing someone good health, happiness, joy, or even congratulations on a new phase in their life, you can use 🌸 in such messages.
  • 🌸 is a very pretty emoji. You can use it in your social media profile if you love cherry blossoms, or if you just find this emoji really cute.
  • If you’re posting anything related to the cherry blossom; be it a motivational/inspirational post, a photography post, a sketch, etc, you can use 🌸 in those post captions.
  • Not limited only to cherry blossoms, 🌸 can also be used in post captions while sharing floral pictures or prints in general (make sure there’s a tint of pink in those posts, though).
  • If you’re expressing gratitude via text, use 🌸. This emoji adds a sense of peace, calm, and genuineness to your message.
  • You can also use 🌸 while sharing springtime pictures, irrespective of whether there are cherry blossoms in your locality or not.

Other Names

  • 🌸 Pink Flower
  • 🌸 Prunus
  • 🌸 Sakura
  • 🌸 Japanese Cherry
  • 🌸 Prunus Serrulata