🌊 Water Wave


Movement, Hairstyle, Swelling, Surfing, Tide, Growth, Crashing, Carrier

🌊 Meaning: Three layers of ascending waves in an ocean or sea, with a vast shade of deep blue at the bottom of the wave and a foamy white layer on the pinnacle of each of these waves.

The 🌊 Water Wave emoji represents growing and crashing waves. Apart from suggesting water activities that require riding the waves, this emoji can refer to hairstyles, human emotion, and some metaphors too.

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How and When to Use the 🌊 Water Wave Emoji

  • A wave has the ability to carry things along and through its course and 🌊 can be used in similar contexts. For instance, “You carried me on your shoulders and saw the world through my eyes 🌊”.
  • Waves start small, but they can grow to a scary level. So, you too can use 🌊 while talking about someone or something that started small but is a mammoth now – “My phobia was nothing before, and now, its a frikkin mountainous wave of fear 🌊”.
  • Waves also represent constant movement, irrespective of rising or falling, and a sense of freedom as well. If you’re talking about this kind of ‘moving on’ and freedom in any context, use 🌊. For example, “Let it all go, move on and embrace that freedom🌊”.
  • Waves are not all water, they can be hairstyles too. If you’re posting or reposting anything related to waves, 🌊 is an exciting emoji to have in the caption!

Other Names

  • 🌊 Wave
  • 🌊 Waves
  • 🌊 Ocean Wave
  • 🌊 Sea Wave
  • 🌊 Beach
  • 🌊 Swelling Waters
  • 🌊 Tide
  • 🌊 Surge
  • 🌊 Beachcomber