Third Place Medal


Competition, Game, Bronze Medal, Sports, Race, Third Prize

Meaning: A bronze disk with a ‘3’ engraved onto it, while being strung onto a tri-colored strap with white, blue, and red stripes. The Third Place Medal emoji signifies coming third or winning the bronze in a competition.

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How and When to Use the Third Place Medal Emoji

  • If you’re a devout follower of sports, and you frequently post the latest news updates, you could use while indicating who won the bronze in a game you watched.
  • You can also use while posting or reposting motivational quotes, feel-good posts, an uplifting video, anything that revolves around competitions. For instance, “It’s alright to be bronze You wouldn’t have gold without it”.
  • Apart from just sports, can also be used in metaphorical or philosophical contexts. For example, “Bronze doesn’t mean losing. It means learning ” or “You don’t always have to be gold to shine ”.
  • And lastly, use while sharing pictures of a competition you participated in and won the bronze. It could be you, someone close to you, anyone you know personally.

Other Names

  • Bronze Medal
  • Third Prize
  • Medal
  • Medallion
  • Bronze
  • Third Place
  • Medallion
  • Award