🟣 Purple Circle


Royalty, Luxury, Calming, Soothing, Relaxation, Therapeutic, Out of Office, Booked Dates

🟣 Meaning: A big circular structure filled with a generous amount of purple or lavender. The 🟣 Purple Circle emoji, like other color-coded circles, is ambiguous. It may indicate being ‘out of office’ on Skype, ‘booked’ on Outlook, and generally, an air of luxury.

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How and When to Use the 🟣 Purple Circle Emoji

  • Based on the ‘out of office’ Skype indication, 🟣 could symbolize being out of office in other contexts as well. For instance, “Not working from office today 🟣” or “I’m out of office and out of town, y’all!!! 🟣”.
  • Since purple symbolizes royalty and luxury, you may include 🟣 while sharing posts or reposts of luxury; clothing, fashion, makeup, nails, shoes, cars, houses, etc.
  • Lavender in general, is used for its calming effect. Hence, you too can use 🟣 while sharing anything that surrounds this theme. Like, “It was such a relaxing afternoon 🟣”, “I’ve recently started therapy and it’s the best thing ever 🟣” or “Try soothing yourself with music 🟣”.
  • If your post content consists of a lot of purple or even peppered amounts of a variety of purple shades and hues, 🟣 could make an appearance in the post caption.

Other Names

  • 🟣 Purple Dot
  • 🟣 Large Purple Circle
  • 🟣 Lavender Dot
  • 🟣 Out of Office (Skype)
  • 🟣 Booked (Outlook)
  • 🟣 Purple