🐂 Ox


Strength, Diligence, Dependability, Determination, Dedication, Support, Endurance, Manual Labor, Transport

🐂 Meaning: The whole brown body of a large ox on all four, facing left, characterized by its muscular build, short horns, gentle hump near its neck, and a tail that’s hairy at the end.

This emoji mainly signifies the strength and capabilities of physical exertion like oxen display, but it also suggests support and determination. Some platforms display the ox looking straight ahead instead.

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How and When to Use the 🐂 Ox Emoji

  • In the most obvious sense, this 🐂 emoji can be used freely when the subject matter involves oxen or even other cattle.
  • A person’s strength can be complimented using 🐂. (“As strong as ox”)
  • Tasks requiring dedicated endurance can be denoted by 🐂, comparing it to the hard work of oxen in a field.
  • There was a time when bullock carts were a popular mode of transportation, hence the outdatedness of a vehicle can be poked fun at using 🐂.
  • Stressful tasks and work can be represented with this 🐂 emoji.

Other Names

  • 🐂 Bullock
  • 🐂 Oxen
  • 🐂 Bull
  • 🐂 Steer
  • 🐂 Beast Of Burden
  • 🐂 Strength
  • 🐂 Bullock Cart
  • 🐂 Bovine