🦺 Safety Vest


Safety, Security, Jacket, Reflective Vest, Protection, Traffic Officer, Patrolling

🦺 Meaning: A neon orange sleeveless vest with a grey and yellow suspender-like design that ends midway and spreads out as a horizontal design. The vest has a ‘V’ neckline that isn’t succeeded by buttons.

The 🦺 Safety Vest emoji signifies safety, as the name suggests. It represents reflective vests used by traffic cops, patrol officers, essentially anyone who would be working or traveling through the dark (literally, no metaphors in here).

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How and When to Use the 🦺 Safety Vest Emoji

  • If you’re texting someone to be safe about something or someone, you can use 🦺. For example, “Idk, man. You got to be safe when you go out with them 🦺 They aren’t really a vibing lot”.
  • If you’re using the word ‘safe’ or the essence of it in a post caption or even a text message, you can use 🦺. Like, “It’s always better to be safe than stupid 🦺”.
  • A reflective vest essentially increases the visibility of the vest and the user, and you could use 🦺 in such frameworks. For instance, “I WAS in the room and he didn’t even notice me! 🦺 At least he pretended that he couldn’t, smh”.
  • 🦺 could also be used to denote ‘security’ too; security in itself or even a security guard – “Worry about your own mental security before anyone else’s, please? 🦺”.

Other Names

  • 🦺 Reflective Vest
  • 🦺 Orange Vest
  • 🦺 Safety Jacket
  • 🦺 Safety Suit (how bow dah)
  • 🦺 Security Jacket
  • 🦺 Orange Waistcoat