🦀 Crab


Seafood, Crab Meat, Krabs, Cancer (the zodiac), Complaining, Cribbing, Toughness

🦀 Meaning: A red crab with an oval-shaped body, two long claws in front next to the slightly protruding black eyes, a pair of antennas beneath the claws, and six legs with three on either side.

The 🦀 Crab emoji can signify seafood or crab meat, the zodiac sign or cancer, toughness, and even Mr Krabs! However, since this emoji is listed under marine food, it leans more onto its significance as crab meat.

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How and When to Use the 🦀 Crab Emoji

  • First off, the not-so-boring use cases. If you’re a Cancerian, 🦀 would be a fun emoji to have in your social media profile name. You could also do this if you’re not into astrology but you just love crab meat.
  • Next, you can use 🦀 while sharing social media posts and stories on crabs or even a sketch of your favorite Mr. Krabs!
  • 🦀 can be used in the general contexts of the ‘seas’, ‘beach’, ‘marine food’, ‘aqua life’, etc.
  • Now, the meh uses. Bring in the 🦀 emoji into the caption while posting or reposting pictures of crabs; it can be of crab meat, a dish, or just alive and kickin’ crabs.
  • A crab can also signify someone who cribs all the time (a cribbin’ crab). So, if you’re referring to someone who complains about everything all the time, then you can use 🦀.

Other Names

  • 🦀 Crab Meat
  • 🦀 Cancer
  • 🦀 Krabs
  • 🦀 Complainer
  • 🦀 Crabs
  • 🦀 Brachyura