♏ Scorpio


Bravery, Loyalty, Brutal Honesty, Jealousy, Secretive, Determination, Stubborn, Eight Zodiac

Meaning: A capital ‘M’ similar to the one in ♍ Virgo, but designed with a progressing arrow mark at the tip of the last stroke. The eighth astrological addition in the zodiac list, the ♏ Scorpio emoji signifies the personality traits and other aspects of this sun/moon sign.

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How and When to Use the ♏ Scorpio Emoji

  • Scorpios are famous for their secretive nature. Hence, if you’re referring to something that’s secret, secretive, or even something that’s never true to its surface, ♏ would be a great addition. Like, “No one needs to know everything about you . Be picky with what you expose”.
  • If you’re typing out some ‘truths’ about the Scorpio zodiac in general, or your knowledge from personal experiences, add ♏ to indicate the subject of the context.
  • Similarly, while dropping random ‘Scorpio’ facts into conversations or while sharing posts/reposts with captions resonating with these facts, you may use ♏.
  • You could also use ♏ while suggesting that someone’s vibe, conversation, or even behavior resembles a ‘typical’ Scorpio. For example, “Oh my god. Could you get anymore Scorpio??!! ♏”.

Other Names

  • ♏ Scorpio Symbol
  • ♏ Scorpio Zodiac
  • ♏ Eighth Zodiac Sign/Symbol
  • ♏ Astrology
  • ♏ Scorpio Sun/Moon Sign
  • ♏ Horoscope
  • ♏ Scorpio Star Sign