⚪ White Circle


Translucent, Light, Brightness, Deficiency, Lack, Empty, Pure, Fresh Start, Beginning

Meaning: A plain circle filled with a speckless amount of white and defined with a black circumference. The ⚪ White Circle emoji is the opposite pole of the ⚫ Black Circle. It symbolizes light, purity, brightness, or even a patch.

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How and When to Use the ⚪ White Circle Emoji

  • Dermatologically, white spots suggest a skin deficiency or any other deficit (in the absence of a birthmark or other underlying conditions, ofc). So, if you’re referring to ‘deficiency’ in other contexts, you can use ⚪. Like, “I think you lack some vitamin YOU ⚪”.
  • ⚪ could also symbolize space, emptiness, or vacancy, the kind that is soon to fill. For instance, “Few slots before the show’s houseful ⚪”.
  • Speaking of patches, you may include ⚪ while referring to patches, metaphorically. For example, “I just had a month-long rough patch with myself ⚪” or “Patch up before it’s too late ⚪”.
  • You could also use ⚪ if the subject of your context is ‘peace’. Like, “I hope lots of peace fills your year! ⚪” or “There’s peace even in the storm ⚪”.
  • And generally, if you’re referring to a ‘circle’, you may use ⚪ – “I’m blessed to have a peaceful circle of friends ⚪” or “My social circle is as big as my nose ring Meaning, there’s just you”.

Other Names

  • ⚪ White Circle
  • ⚪ Large White Dot
  • ⚪ Purity
  • ⚪ Empty
  • ⚪ Medium White Circle
  • ⚪ Light
  • ⚪ Brightness