💙 Blue Heart


Unity, Togetherness, Friendship, Neutrality, Strength, Passion, Growth, Support, Mutual Respect

💙 Meaning: A blue symbol of a heart. The colour remains constant but the design and overall finish of this emoji would vary across platforms. This emoji suggests feelings of oneness, unity and growth.

The 💙 Blue Heart signifies strength, passion, teamwork, and uniformity. But besides that, it can also mean friendship, but in a wider circle; the kind that’s there in the circle and you happen to know them.

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How and When to Use the 💙 Blue Heart Emoji

  • If there’s a particular event or occasion that requires utmost team work and unity and you’re discussing about that, send this emoji in that kind of a motivational context.
  • You can also use this emoji to cheer for something or someone.
  • This emoji can be used in conversations about unity, togetherness, and all the speech-level feels.
  • Send this emoji to people you’ve newly met, and you don’t know where they stand in your circle and vice versa.

Other Names

  • 💙 Unity
  • 💙 Togetherness
  • 💙 Oneness
  • 💙 Team
  • 💙 Team Work
  • 💙 Friendship
  • 💙 Motivation
  • 💙 Cheering
  • 💙 Respect Heart