🫒 Olive


Health, Cooking, Beauty, Olive Oil, Strength, Spirituality, Peace

🫒 Meaning: A brown olive branch with a couple of green leaves growing out of it and three olives cultivating in between. On some platforms, this emoji showcases just the fruit independent of the branch.

The 🫒 Olive emoji signifies peace if it is used along with its branch. However, olive as a fruit would refer to attributes such as beauty, health, organic living, strength, and maybe even spirituality.

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How and When to Use the 🫒 Olive Emoji

  • If you’re making a peace offering in a textual conversation to someone, you can use 🫒 along with the 🕊 Dove emoji depending on the seriousness of the situation. Like, “Aight. Calm down, okay. I’m sorry bud. Here, have an olive 🫒”.
  • Use 🫒 while sharing olive-based beauty remedies, tips or even cooking bits that have most preferably worked for you. It can be used both in a post caption or even within a text message.
  • Are you posting a picture or video of yourself, the theme of which is ‘peace’, ‘prosperity’, or even ‘inner strength’, then you can use 🫒 in that picture/video caption too. For instance, “It would take a while to build what’s on the inside, but it’s all going to be worthwhile 🫒”.
  • If someone in your friends list owns ‘Olive’ as her name, then, watcha waiting for? Use 🫒 while saving her contact on your phone!
  • Olive green is one of the prettiest colors there is. So, if you’re posting or reposting something that has a thick dash of this shade, then, ensure you use 🫒 in the caption to animate the entire context a bit.
  • 🫒 can be used for all types and species of olives.

Other Names

  • 🫒 Green Olive
  • 🫒 Black Olive
  • 🫒 Olive Green
  • 🫒 European Olive
  • 🫒 Olive Oil
  • 🫒 Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 🫒 Drupe
  • 🫒 Stone Fruit