29 White Emojis For the Perfectionist in You

Ain’t white just the perfect color? May be, may be not.

White is a color that’s repeatedly found where purity, divinity, spirituality, and perfection are preached. Society has in fact been so in love with this color that even human skin that looks white is considered superior! But here’s what’s hilarious. White is the amalgam of all colors in the rainbow; VIBGYOR. The only way white can ever be produced is if all these colors unite. Seems like the color itself mocks our ignorance!

Anyway. White is just a color like every other color. There are some earthly characteristics associated with this color, but it’s a neutral shade through it all. Pretty sure even white would be embarrassed by all that we’ve done with the color! Presenting, all-white, pure white emojis!

White Large Square Emoji

⮜ White Large Square Emoji

Squares are the given solid shapes for each of the colors on the Unicode list (red, yellow, orange, purple, black, white, purple, and brown). But, only black and white have an added variety of sizes for this group of solid shape emojis. Along with this large square emoji, there are â—ŧïļ White Medium Square, â—― White Medium-Small Square, and â–Ŧïļ White Small Square emojis.

Apart from plain solids, black and white also offer a combined square design; the ðŸ”ģ White Square Button and the ðŸ”ē Black Square Button. Each of these buttons has a unique design. ðŸ”ģ would appear as just a white square frame on a black screen and vice versa.

White Circle Emoji

⚩ White Circle Emoji

Although solid white shape emojis would obviously be camouflaged on white backgrounds, they will be seen on colored pages. The ⚩ White Circle would look like a translucent circle on most platforms, except for Windows, where ⚩ is supported by a black circumference. The intense whiteness of this emoji may cause it to seem brownish or grayish as well.

White Heart Emoji

ðŸĪ White Heart Emoji

The ðŸĪ white heart emoji follows the same “white criteria” as the other solid shape emojis.

A white heart signifies love for the color in different ways and forms, apart from the individual meaning of a white heart which translates to ‘pure love’, ‘spotless/flawless love’, or even ‘innocent love’. The amount of positivity attached to this color is insane.

ðŸĪ could also be a symbol of love and support towards something that’s definingly white or white in any other way. Like, #savepolarbears, #savethearctic, etc. Anything that’s predominantly white. Not the race.

White Flag Emoji

ðŸģïļ White Flag Emoji

If you’re acquainted with cartoons, you’d understand this emoji better. Each time Tom was defeated, he’d raise this emoji. What does it mean though?

When ðŸģïļ is up in the air, it suggests a sense of defeat, as it’s brilliantly shown in the cartoon. ðŸģïļ could also be a symbol of peace, a truce, an agreement, and basically anything to do with fixing things with brains than brawn.

White Flower Emoji

ðŸ’Ū White Flower Emoji

Yes, this emoji is not entirely a white flower. It has a visible bright pink or red outline. Nonetheless, it is called the white flower. Generally speaking, this emoji could represent any flower that’s white. But we’re talking specifics. ðŸ’Ū is a Japanese academic mark of appreciation, in elementary school. It’s when the teacher is super impressed by your neatness and other criteria that you can win the white flower!

White Question Mark Emoji

❔ White Question Mark Emoji

A question mark is the common punctuation mark in any interrogative context. But, what’s the “white” specificity doing in something as common and generic as a punctuating character? The answer lies in this emoji’s twin! The ❓ Red Question Mark!

The plausible reason for red and white to be the only two colors used for the question mark emoji has to do with the psychology of these colors. Red is viewed as the color of danger, and anything alarming, while white is perceived to be a docile shade. Based on this contrast, the emoji list has ❔ for casual questioning and ❓ for serious situations.

Another white punctuation mark is the ❕ White Exclamation Mark, which also has the ❗ Red Variant.

Woman White Hair Emoji

ðŸ‘Đ‍ðŸĶģ White Hair Emoji

White hair doesn’t always indicate aging or old age. White is a color, remember? So, a person can choose to color their hair white much before their tresses naturally turn. Both instances are possible with ðŸ‘Đ‍ðŸĶģ. Other genders that equally rock this hair are – ðŸ‘Ļ‍ðŸĶģ Man With White Hair and 🧑‍ðŸĶģ Person With White Hair.

However, there are age-specific emoji people with white/gray hair – ðŸ‘ī Old Man, ðŸ‘ĩ Old Woman, and 🧓 Older Person.

Swan Emoji

ðŸĶĒ Swan Emoji

Swans are most often white than black or any other color. The binary weighs heavy on the white side for these birds. Hence, the swan as an emoji too is white. But, ðŸĶĒ can be used as a reference to any swan irrespective of the color.

Fish Cake With Swirl Emoji

ðŸĨ Fish Cake With Swirl Emoji

The actual fish cake is not white. An uncooked cake can be to some extent but not a cooked one. But, the dish ðŸĨ represents is not your ordinary fish cake. The pink swirl is what sets this emoji and the dish apart. The ðŸĨ fishcake with swirl represents the iconic narutomaki. The pink of the swirl would vary on different platforms, but the body of the cake is always pure white.

Lab Coat Emoji

ðŸĨž Lab Coat Emoji

ðŸĨž represents the coat worn by higher officials in medical and scientific fields. But, what makes these coats distinctively white? Why are they always white? So much so that even students in these particular departments ought to sport the ðŸĨž?

As mentioned before, white has an insane amount of positivity attached to it. So when a person does wear a white lab coat, the color evokes professionalism, expertise, and cleanliness. It also acts as the perfect uniform for all people in these particular occupations. You can never go wrong with the perfect white. It’s all the same! Another important reason behind speckless white lab coats happens to lie in cost efficiency as well.

Mouse Emoji

🐁 Mouse Emoji

The emoji world attempts to differentiate between the interchangeably used ‘mouse’ and ‘rat’. A mouse is shown with white skin, whereas the rat donnes a gray body. Nevertheless, it’s not always segregated that way in the real world. Skin/fur tones may overlap regardless of the type of mouse/rat.

Cloud Emoji

☁ïļ Cloud Emoji

Clouds are white. Seasonal changes can affect the color of these fluffs, but they’re invariably white otherwise. Some platforms showcase this emoji with a tint of gray, hinting at an upcoming storm. There are other cloud emojis on the list that are modified to replicate the real nature of clouds upon climatic change, most of which still carry a white body.

Volleyball Emoji

🏐 Volleyball Emoji

Outdoor volleyballs can be brightly colored with shades like blue, red, yellow, green. Sometimes, they’re also a combination of these vibrant colors. However, indoor volleyballs are the ones that are polar. They’re either bright yellow or solid white. Considering the nature of this emoji, it can be safe to say that 🏐 is an indoor volleyball. But, emojis are inclusive in every way and 🏐 can represent a volleyball in any setup.

Ghost Emoji

ðŸ‘ŧ Ghost Emoji

There is no such thing as ghosts, but if there are, then they’d all be white, somehow.

We can’t be completely sure as to why ghosts are portrayed as demons clad in white (ironic? Always), but we could attempt at a sensible answer.

Firstly, all-white ghosts are seen in dark environments. This means they’re probably dressed that way to improve their own visibility and scare the hell out of the living. Secondly, ghosts are believed to be spirits of the dead (because we have 🧟 zombies for the undead!), and what color says ‘spirit’ better than white?

Tooth Emoji

ðŸĶ· Tooth Emoji

Teeth, like clouds, are supposed to be white. But they can change color as a consequence of external factors, which in this case would be poor dental hygiene. Non-white teeth are unhealthy before they are unattractive. Brushing twice a day, flossing and frequent trips to the dentist can help keep your teeth pearly white!

Ewe Emoji

🐑 Ewe Emoji

Ewes are the female counterparts of the male sheep, 🐏 Rams. These gals are relatively whiter across their species than rams. There may be a few variations in the color of ewe wool as there are black and brown ewes too. But they’re all mostly white, unlike rams.

Dove Emoji

🕊ïļ Dove Emoji

Doves and pigeons are the same, just for the record. That makes these birds more varied than just an all-white species. There are different shades of gray, black, and fawn doves too. But! Cultural representations of doves highlight the white kind, and for “color-appropriate” reasons. If it wasn’t for the white dove carrying an olive branch, we’d be short of so many peace symbols! White after all means peace, amirite?

Salt Emoji

🧂 Salt Emoji

Believe it or not, there are six distinct types of salts that are differentiated based on color! Yes, salt, like everything else ain’t always white. There’s black, pink, gray, red, and white salt. Albeit this variety, the emoji list stuck with white salt for obvious reasons. Popularity.

Takeout Box Emoji

ðŸĨĄ Takeout Box Emoji

Takeout boxes in reality come in an array of colors depending on the brand’s preferences. Virtually, on many entertainment platforms, these boxes are often seen in their signature red and white designs. They suggest Thai food takeouts, which can be symbolic of any other South Asian cuisine as well.

Glass Of Milk Emoji

ðŸĨ› Glass of Milk Emoji

There’s nothing purer than milk because it evidently contains the color white to a great extent. But going by the fact that white is the merged result of the rainbow spectrum, milk might just be the sober version of the actual thing. Gotta see sounds and hear colors for that.

A container apart from a glass holding this liquid together is the 🍞 Baby Bottle.

Page Facing Up Emoji

📄 Page Facing Up Emoji

Pages fit for writing and typing are most often white. It’s the best color choice that provides the best readability. Plus, black is cheap ink and, well, graphite. If a page that’s facing up gets boring in a general context, the 📃 Page With Curl is quite accommodating.

White is a wonderful color. It’s the purest, most innocent, divine, spiritual, heavenly, angelic and flawless color, just like every other color. Now, there’s no need to be biased even towards colors! It has it’s significance in psychology but inclusively, it’s on the same pedestal as all colors.

Anyway. If you’re referring to something that’s pure, heavenly, divine, innocent and white, we hope these white emojis are helpful.