🥼 Lab Coat


Scientist Attire, Doctor’s Coat, Medicine, Experience, Overcoat, Fashion

🥼 Meaning: A seemingly thigh-length white coat with long sleeves, a blazar-like neckline, and a pocket to its left, followed by a vertical line of buttons, the end of which is surrounded by a pair of pockets on either side.

The 🥼 Lab Coat emoji could represent either a science lab coat or even a doctor’s coat. Nonetheless, this emoji signifies a sense of seniority, knowledge of one’s job, skill, intricacy, experience in the field, etc.

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How and When to Use the 🥼 Lab Coat Emoji

  • If you’re letting someone know that ‘you know what you’re doing‘, feel free to use 🥼. Like, “Yo. Chill tf out, k? I know what I’m doing 🥼”.
  • Use 🥼 to indicate experience in any context. For example, “Ah. How about you take some tips from your ex to help you cheat on your test? 🥼” or “Hey, you’re the expert here 🥼”.
  • While saying ‘science’ in any framework, use 🥼. For instance, “Hahahah. It’s all science, buddy. The science of not giving a f*ck 🥼”.
  • Apart from just docs and scientists,🥼 can also in the caption while posting or reposting pictures of white clothing; a coat, a suit, a bikini, anything white.
  • If you’re sharing pictures of your doctor’s costume for a dress-up party or even for Halloween, you could use 🥼 in those captions.

Other Names

  • 🥼 Science Lab Coat
  • 🥼 Scientist Coat
  • 🥼 Doctor’s Coat
  • 🥼 White Coat
  • 🥼 Overcoat
  • 🥼 White Overcoat