23 Black Emojis to Absorb Anything

These emojis are the new black.

Black is the most controversial color of all time. While it’s the defining shade of enigma it’s also the color of darkness and nothingness. While black can paint a gothic layer over anything, it’s also a color that goes with everything. It’s a niche and a global color. Black sparks many superstitious beliefs, but it’s also the color that can resist it all. Black is a funny color in all ways. Beautiful, deathly, elegant, horrifying, and charming. It’s all black.

The world outside has innumerable ideas and perspectives when it comes to the color black. Some of those may even be replicated in the emoji world. Read on to know which are those all-black emojis that perfectly line up with reality and the ones that are uniquely beautiful in themselves!

Black Heart Emoji

🖤 Black Heart Emoji

The pagan heart is the universal symbol of love, which when infused with black, can symbolize love for this color. It may also be an element or a concept associated with black like dark/darkness, gothic/goth, mystery, and the night, or it could also just be endearment towards anything carrying the color.

However, nothing is always roses when it comes to black. A black heart could signify a negative heart. We may have heard the term “black soul”, which translates to someone with a very shallow persona. Similarly, a black-hearted person could be one that lacks redness which symbolizes love, compassion, and subtlety.

Black Circle Emoji

⚫ Black Circle Emoji

The solid circle in this emoji contains a range of colors on the Unicode list apart from black. However, most of these colors are just neutral shapes, while some are exceptionally significant. Like the ⚫ black circle.

This black dot could signify a hole that can engulf anything from pure darkness, emptiness, nothingness to even depth and inaccessibility. Besides, ⚫ can also be perceived as ‘Nazar’; a black dot that’s believed to block negativity and evil in some cultures.

Black Large Square Emoji

⬛ Black Large Square Emoji

Black and white are the only two colors with the most solid emojis on the list. They both have size options for the square emoji that usually has just one size for the rest of the colors; the L size.

Black, in particular, encloses the following square emojis in descending order of the size – ⬛ Black Large Square, ◼️ Black Medium Square, ◾ Black Medium-Small Square, and ▪️ Black Small Square.

Unlike the specific significance of the ⚫ Black Circle, these solid black squares can be used in any context and in reference to anything.

Black Flag Emoji

🏴 Black Flag Emoji

The emoji list maintains a good sense of polarity when it comes to different shapes. Like the 🏴 Black Flag, there’s also a 🏳️ White Flag emoji (which we’ll get to in a different post). Now, the black flag.

🏴 is the mark of anarchy as it’s the original flag of this type of society and most importantly, this ideology. Going by that strong interpretation 🏴 also becomes the representation of freedom and a state of being free from the structure of society and hierarchy.

Black Square Button Emoji

🔲 Black Square Button Emoji

When we said black and white to have the most solid emojis, this is what we meant.

🔲 along with the 🔳 White Square Button are the only two “framed square emojis” on the list and they both contain black and white. Nothing else. This 🔲 emoji may be a mere combination of black and white but it can also depict the union between these two colors.

Philosophy aside, 🔲 is a really cool emoji to use on a white screen as it would look like a black-bordered square when the white merges with the identical background. Vice versa applies for the 🔳.

⊛ Black Cat Emoji

🐈‍⬛ Black Cat Emoji

Ah! The OG emblem of superstition.

Superstition is not always a negative word. This path of beliefs also has many positive and relatively brighter concepts. Both of which apply to the 🐈‍⬛ Black Cat.

This jet-black cat is viewed through optimistic glasses in some cultures and through cautious and fatalistic eyes in others. The world always has two kinds of people. But the cat? The cat stays the same no matter what. The dude doesn’t care what you think!

Hole Emoji

🕳️ Hole Emoji

Like we said before, black is the color of nothingness. It’s the color that fills voids. And the 🕳️ hole emoji captures this whole essence of black (puns definitely intended). 🕳️ could be any hole, including one that’s dug in the ground. But there’s an important observation to this emoji. Anything excavated is visible until it’s not and that’s the level of deepness is shown with 🕳️.

Chess Pawn Emoji

♟️ Chess Pawn Emoji

Pawns in chess are both black and white. But as a generic and neutral gesture towards the game, Unicode stuck with the ♟️ black pawn on all platforms. Hence, this chess pawn is an all-black emoji and finds its way to this list.

Spider Emoji

🕷️ Spider Emoji

Spiders, as we know them are not just black. They can be orange, red, yellow, blue, and many other colors. However, most spiders are usually neutral in their shades like black, brown, and gray. That works online as well. Here, 🕷️ on most platforms is black but on some, this emoji appears with a gray shade.

Top Hat Emoji

🎩 Top Hat Emoji

Top hats are designed with a signature horizontal band just above the rim. Though the color of this band differs on different platforms, the body of these silky tall hats is always black. If you’re looking for a black emoji with a minimal tint of another color then 🎩 is perfect.

Club Suit Emoji

♣️ Club Suit Emoji

A single deck of 52 playing cards, there’s an even division of red and black groups, consisting of 26 cards each. Both color groups are further halved into two suits, ♦️ Diamonds and ♥️ Hearts in the red group and ♣️ Clubs and ♠️ Spades in the black. But, here’s an obvious question. Why black and red? What made the inventors of these cards stick to these colors?

Cost efficiency.

Black and red are the original colors of a deck of playing cards because these were the only inks that didn’t fade. Plus, they were cheap! Along with the ♣️ Club Suit, the ♠️ Spade Suit is a black emoji as well.

Pool 8 Ball Emoji

🎱 Pool 8 Ball Emoji

The magic ball in billiards is set apart from the rest with a sleek black exterior. The number ‘8’ is printed in black on a small white circle. Apart from this distinction, the entire ball and the emoji 🎱 is black.

Pirate Flag Emoji

🏴‍☠️ Pirate Flag Emoji

Black is the distinguishing ‘pirate color’ at sea. The eye patch, the mast, and the boat/ship are all too often black. These hijackers may find the color to be their sigil for its mysterious and frightening appearance. Hence, their flag too has an entirely black body with a visible white ☠️ Skull and Crossbones.

Bomb Emoji

💣 Bomb Emoji

Bombs are not definitively round. There are many shapes, sizes, and even forms of explosives. Nevertheless, 💣 has become our understanding of what a bomb looks like in the emoji world.

The inspiration for these round black balls may lie in cannonballs, which were some of the first-ever bombs we used. During the same time, we had comics! Thus, the entertainment structure caricaturized the cannonball, added a little wick, and voila! We had the round black ball that was now a fully recognized bomb.

Sunglasses Emoji

🕶️ Sunglasses Emoji

Just for the record, 🕶️ is black on all platforms except on Facebook. We still picked it for this list because sunglasses have originally been black and for the best reasons (Facebook, why?). Black absorbs light and reflects none. That’s the perfect way to keep your eyes cool while you see a black-tinted reality under the sun.

Graduation Cap Emoji

🎓 Graduation Cap Emoji

This iconic squared black cap with a golden tassel has been the symbol of academic accomplishment for a very long time now.

The mortarboard 🎓 has roots that go as far into the past as the 1400s. But with a few changes to the then tall caps, the academic minds motioned towards more concise and meaningful caps, like this one 🎓.

The reason why it’s called a mortarboard is that when you do wear the 🎓 graduation cap, you’re using the mortar from this mortarboard to build more and add more blocks to the building. The ‘mortar’ is essentially the knowledge that comes with the academic cap.

Electric Plug Emoji

🔌 Electric Plug Emoji

Electric plugs in the real market come in an array of colors and not just black. But, black is the best seller and the one that’s most often found in store. Given the neutrality of this color and its camouflaging abilities for a neater workspace, the electric plug is more likely black and so is the 🔌 emoji.

Movie Camera Emoji

🎥 Movie Camera Emoji

Movie cameras have constantly been manufactured with a signature black body. There’s no other color that better fits the device. There may be a few silvery parts in the equipment suggesting a change in the material but the entire camera is often all-black. This ‘black consistency’ makes 🎥 a black emoji on all virtual platforms.

Black is an all-rounder when it comes to colors. It’s the color that goes with anything and the color that accommodates everything. This little compilation may not be as expansive as the real variety the world offers, but it’s enough to symbolize it all. So, when you are referring to anything that’s black online, we hope these emojis have your back.