◽ White Medium-Small Square


Cube, Tiny, Squared Dot, Blank Space, White Space, Differentiate, Unequipped

Meaning: A small white square twice smaller than the ⬜ White Large Square and one rim lesser than the ◻️ White Medium Square. The ◽ White Medium-Small Square emoji could suggest a white squared dot or part of a decorative series.

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How and When to Use the ◽ White Medium-Small Square Emoji

  • If you find a white box when you send an emoji, it usually means that either your device is not upgraded or that your device does not support the given emoji. Using this angle metaphorically would look a little like – “I don’t think you’re equipped yet for it ◽” or “For now, I can’t ◽”.
  • Much like how ⬜ suggests a blank screen or a blank slate, you may apply ◽ not only as a smaller screen/slate but also to convey the amount of space that’s left blank in any given scenario.
  • Some examples for the previous use-case – “You’ve written and re-written so much on your slate that there’s hardly any space for anything new ◽” or “There’s very VERY little white space in the assignment! ◽”.
  • Speaking of white space, you may use ◽ to metaphorically refer to the ‘space’ between elements and easy recognition. Like, “Let some space between, yo! You’ll suffocate her to a point she leaves I’m tellin ya” or “It’s easier to tell apart when there’s at least a little difference! ◽”.

Other Names

  • ◽ Medium-Small White Square
  • ◽ White Square
  • ◽ White Medium-Small Cube
  • ◽ Four-Sided Small White Polygon
  • ◽ White Squared Dot