📄 Page Facing Up


Draft, Bookmarked Page, Memorable, Save, Document, Print

📄 Meaning: A typed A4-sized sheet of white paper with the printed format of a letter, characterized by a triangular fold on the top left corner.

The 📄 Page Facing Up emoji represents the draft icon and suggests a bookmarked page, a drafted piece of content, or an important/memorable page in a book.

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How and When to Use the 📄 Page Facing Up Emoji

  • We’re all familiar with online and offline bookmarking – essentially saving the pages that we’d want to return to in the future. If you’re using a reference to this in any way, use 📄 – “Each time you do something empowering, save that memory 📄. It always comes in handy”.
  • You could also use 📄 in contexts related to documents/documenting or reading, in general. For example, “She’s documenting the background 📄 I’m focusing on the rest”.
  • If you’re texting someone that you’ll get back to something in a while, something mostly related to writing or reading, you can use 📄. Like, “Yes, I’m halfway through. I’ll get back to it in just a bit 📄”.
  • If you’re sharing the drafts for anything, you may add 📄 in that context; it could be a composed letter, a document containing your writing piece, or even a picture/post that you saved in the drafts.

Other Names

  • 📄 Bookmarked Page
  • 📄 Bookmark
  • 📄 Document
  • 📄 Draft
  • 📄 Draft Icon
  • 📄 Printed Page