34 Yellow Emojis to Keep Anything Light-Hearted

Yellow is blessed that way. No matter the shade, it’s always a light color.

Yellow is the most vibrant color on the spectrum because of its super-light presence. It’s a funky and gorgeous shade that could’ve been every child’s choice if it wasn’t for the horrible and derogatory rhymes.

Yellow is a happy color above everything else. It’s the shade that reverberates feelings of warmth, enthusiasm, excitement, light-heartedness, and positivity. This color can highlight just about anything, from emotions to road signs. It aids enhanced visibility in all cases. If yellow could talk, its favorite sentence would be “Chill TF out, mate“.

Lots of things use yellow as one of their colors, very few things are completely yellow. Since this is a yellow blog post, we’re focusing on all-yellow emojis. There may be a few instances having a little bit of another color(s), but largely, each symbol is only yellow. Here are the yellow emojis!

Lemon Emoji

🍋 Lemon Emoji

Color-coded posts generally begin with solid shapes, but yellow is different. It begins with philosophy.

When life gives you lemons, you have lemon yellow. Sometimes, you just need to appreciate what life gives, ain’t it? All credit for this shade of yellow goes to 🍋. Lemons transition from green when they’re raw to yellow when they’re just right. However, limes have a distinguishing hue of green and greenish-yellow. They aren’t the same.

Sunflower Emoji

🌻 Sunflower Emoji

If yellow wasn’t so endearing already! We have a flower that embodies this color all the more graciously. The sunflower visibly draws energy and existence from the ☀️ Sun to a certain age. It’s nonetheless a devotee of this massive yellow ball of fire. Sunflowers can occur in colors other than yellow, but they’re most often seen as yellow and happy flowers.

Sun Emoji

☀️ Sun Emoji

Not to hurt religious sentiments, but the sun ought to be our one true deity because, without this star, the earth would perish. We wouldn’t live to even talk about the sun without the sun. The earth lives because of ☀️.

Anyhoo. Religious debates are NOT the intention here, but the color of the sun. It doesn’t matter which part of the earth we come from, we’ve all painted the sun with a yellow crayon. Here’s a shocker. The sun is white. We only see ☀️ as a yellow circle and obtain sunshine with a yellow tint. It’s all just white in reality.

This plain sun emoji is given a personality, with a 🌞 face.

Yellow Heart Emoji

💛 Yellow Heart Emoji

The heart is one of the solid shape emojis containing solid colors, and the 💛 yellow heart is one of them. Based on the personality of the color yellow and the symbolism of the heart, 💛 would instantly translate to love for the color or any other concept, aspect, or idea associated with yellow. That includes songs too.

Yellow Circle Emoji

🟡 Yellow Circle Emoji

First of all, 🟡 can work as sun emoji because it’s both yellow and round. But that cannot be the complete essence of the yellow circle. A plain circle filled with some bright yellow could suggest color coding in any context apart from general references to yellow.

Yellow Square Emoji

🟨 Yellow Square Emoji

🟨 is another yellow emoji on the list. Squares are one of the two common solid shape emojis, and it contains yellow among a bunch of other colors.

Solid colored shapes are naturally of contemporary significance. They’re all very versatile and can be used to express anything. However, the themes often used with solid shape emojis are solidarity and support.

The 🟨 yellow square, for instance, was used to condemn Asian hate and violence online, during the 2020 pandemic (which is still a reality).

Softball Emoji

🥎 Softball Emoji

Softball is baseball but for women. Though the name has more to do with the manufacture of softballs, it reads as a deliberate and painfully sexist genre of sports. Anyhoo. softball is overall a fun game. The sport has a signature yellow ball that’s softer and larger than the average baseball. The color aids better sight on the field and the size, well, it helps.

Front Facing Baby Chick Emoji

🐥 Front-Facing Baby Chick Emoji

Baby chicks can be born with any color between yellow, black, gray, and white too. Albeit this distinct in appearance, they most often have lighter shades of yellow for the feathers. Going by that imagery 🐥 is an all-yellow baby bird on all virtual platforms.

Other variations of the same baby chick are – 🐣 Hatching Chick (where except the egg, everything else is yellow), and 🐤 Baby Chick emojis.

Rosette Emoji

🏵️ Rosette Emoji

Rosettes are not flowers. They refer to the circular arrangements of flowers. These floral shapes and designs can be of any color in the real world, but here, they’re round yellow symbols. There are other colors that combine with yellow on different platforms but the dominant color on them all is the latter.

Warning Emoji

⚠️ Warning Sign Emoji

Warning signs in real life are yellow. Except for red flags. These signs convey more caution than warning in the real context. But, virtually ⚠️ does the job as the name says. The reason why this emoji is yellow, like the real warning sign, is visibility. It’s hard to hide anything yellow or miss anything of that color in plain sight. And when it comes to caution and warnings everybody needs to see it! Especially now that we’re so easy to be offended and triggered.

The 🚸 children crossing symbol is yellow too.

Cheese Wedge Emoji

🧀 Cheese Wedge Emoji

The cheese we get today has incredible variety. But when cheese was first introduced to the market, it was made from whole fat milk. There was no low-fat milk, skimmed or toned milk, or any other kind of milk. Cheese was directly made from what the cow gave us with no filters, and that’s what caused the product to have a tint of yellow, and so strongly influence cartoons, comics and so many other platforms, including emojis!

Butter Emoji

🧈 Butter Emoji

Another product of whole milk is butter, which is also yellow in reality but can be any other color depending on the milk. The reason for both 🧈 and 🧀 to be yellow when extracted from whole fat milk is the beta carotene content in whole fat milk. The ‘filters’ we have toady sieve out this color and provide white products, basically devoid of the fatty substance that turns yellow.

Ear Of Corn Emoji

🌽 Ear of Corn Emoji

Corn, maize, corncobs, anything to do with this particular crop is yellow when it comes to the fruit. 🌽 is yellow throughout the world outside and the virtual universe. There may be a few hybrid varieties with different colored ears of corn, but naturally, they all carry a familiar shade of yellow.

Banana Emoji

🍌 Banana Emoji

Bananas have been uniformly yellow to most of us, but here’s an interesting fact about these berries. They can be pink, purple, red, and orange too! Regardless of this diversity, banana has been a yellow fruit on many platforms in real life, which replicates virtually as well. That makes 🍌 a yellow emoji on every site.

Bell Emoji

🔔 Bell Emoji

Bells have no color specificity, they can be any color. But the “important bells”, like church bells, temple bells, or even wedding bells have an elite layer of richness. Gold. The shade covering these bells tends to look a lot like deep yellow. So, maybe the emoji list drew inspiration from this aspect of “elite bells” and made 🔔 a yellow symbol on all platforms.

This metal preference is also seen in the 🎺 Trumpet, 🎷 Saxophone, 📯 Postal Horn, and 🔱 Trident Emblem emojis.

Crown Emoji

👑 Crown Emoji

The same golden analogy used in the previous section follows here as well. Crowns are generally either gold or any other precious metal. If you notice, gold and yellow are very similar. Cousins, almost. Hence, that royal tone looks like a yellow layer here 👑.

Trophy Emoji

🏆 Trophy Emoji

And the golden analogy continues.

Trophies and medals in sports and games are of three ranks; gold, silver, and bronze. Gold represents the first rank or the first place, it’s perceived to be that superior and this metallic bias ain’t just a thing of the present. It has been going on for millenniums. 🏆 maybe a trophy, but it’s a golden trophy and thus a winner’s trophy!

High Voltage Emoji

⚡ High Voltage Emoji

Electricity and lightening are always shown with bold shades of yellow in many entertainment genres. Bolt for example! The ‘bolt’ symbol in the doggy collar is yellow. Gold, actually, but what did we say about gold and yellow being cousins? Yellow radiates such a powerful vibration that it’s presumed to be the color of energy.

Part Alternation Mark Emoji

〽️ Part Alteration Mark Emoji

This stylish ‘M’, ain’t a letter in its original context. 〽️ is a Japanese punctuation character used in musical frameworks. This mark needn’t be particularly yellow in actuality. It’s mostly black in reality and can be any other color too. Online, the part alternation mark is uniformly a yellow symbol.

Star Emoji

⭐ Star Emoji

Creatively speaking, stars can be of any color. However, a golden-colored star seems to have more resemblance to the actual star (the way we perceive those massive constellations). Gold seems to be the more appropriate color for hand-drawn stars because gold is you know, iconic. And that gold turned into a yellow emoji on the Unicode list.

A different kind of star available on the emoji list is the 🌟 Glowing Star emoji.

Crescent Moon Emoji

🌙 Crescent Moon Emoji

The moon isn’t yellow, the sun ain’t it either. They’re all just white. We only see them with yellow-colored glasses from the earth due to our atmospheric bias. That faint halo around the moon is yellow on some nights. Similarly, the moon itself seems yellow sometimes. Weighing more on our perception of the moon, 🌙 is a yellow emoji on all platforms.

Pencil Emoji

✏️ Pencil Emoji

Pencils in different parts of the world have colorful bodies. But, no matter how many vibrantly colored graphite pencils we may have owned and used, there’s always that one yellow pencil in the box.

This defining ‘yellow pencil’ is essentially a European mark of reference to Chinese graphite that was initially used to make the first pencils in the 19th century. Yellow isn’t a racist inference here, it’s rather symbolic of the Chinese interpretation of the color yellow.

Ledger Emoji

📒 Ledger Emoji

Ledgers can have any colored hard bind. Nothing hard and fast. However, filtering this emoji just to the illustration, a yellow book indicates an informative compilation of governmental audits. This can explain why this ledger is yellow. It could be a confidential ledger containing secured info selectively available.

Label Emoji

🏷️ Label Emoji

Although this emoji is that of a price tag and the name says “label”, we’ll take the liberty to merge both aspects. A price label. 🏷️ suggests the price or value of a commodity and the possible metaphorical tangents to the same. 🏷️ is a yellow price label, nonetheless. This color is constant for 🏷️ on all virtual platforms.

Sponge Emoji

🧽 Sponge

The sponge on all online platforms is yellow and almost every sponge we have at home is the same color too. The real reason lies in the manufacturing plastic used to make kitchen sponges and the virtual reason for 🧽 being a yellow emoji leans on this process. Sponges are most often yellow than any other color.

Yellow is a great color. We find it to be a very honest color given the amount of power it has to surface or spotlight anything. What do you think about this beautiful color? Whatever may be your perception of yellow, we hope these emojis help paint all those ideas yellow, online.