🐑 Ewe


Meek, Docile, Herd Mentality, Innocence, Purity, Sleep, Gentleness, Harmless, Ignorance, Wool, Sheepish

🐑 Meaning: The full body of a female sheep, also known as an ‘Ewe’, displaying its signature thick white fleece, while standing on all fours, facing left with shapely ears sticking out of its dark face.

The 🐑 Ewe emoji signifies the innocence and docility that sheep exhibit, while it could also suggest sleepiness, complacency and a herd mentality. The different platforms vary in their design of this animal. Some even portray the Ewe looking straight ahead.

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How and When to Use the 🐑 Ewe Emoji

  • When the conversation literally involves ewes or sheep in general, there’s no better emoji than 🐑.
  • When you’re sleepy, you can use the 🐑 emoji to signal that you’re “counting sheep”.
  • Ewes are often used to depict the section of the population that are in ignorance of certain matters. You can use 🐑 to convey that a person is in ignorance, or metaphorically “asleep”.
  • The harmless innocence of a person can be represented through 🐑.
  • The fabric wool, and clothes made of wool, can be represented by the 🐑 emoji.
  • When you’re embarrassed, a “sheepish” smile can be conveyed through 🐑.

Other Names

  • 🐑 Sheep
  • 🐑 Female Sheep
  • 🐑 Baa
  • 🐑 Wool
  • 🐑 Woolyback
  • 🐑 Mutton
  • 🐑 Lamb
  • 🐑 Buck
  • 🐑 Sleepy