❓ Red Question Mark


Questioning, Interrogation, Alert, Reasoning, 4W and 1H, Inquiry, Probe, Grilling, What??

Meaning: A thick question mark designed in red, sometimes shown with a black outline. The ❓ Red Question Mark emoji signifies curiosity, the art of questioning, reasoning, grilling, and trying to make sense of things via interrogation. Also, the color makes it alerting as well.

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How and When to Use the ❓ Red Question Mark Emoji

  • Based on the fact that ❓ is an ‘alerting’ emoji, you could use this while sharing something that has both – an element of the unknown and the need to be consumed immediately. For example, “Can someone explain why I was left out ❓” or “Do you have those contacts ❓”.
  • If you’re sharing facts or those famous “did you know“s, ❓ can be part of the caption. Like, “Did you know this (random fact that might be the most unhelpful thing ever)“.
  • If someone texted you with zero context or sent you something that’s pushing you to rethink things, precisely everything, ❓ would be the perfect response. For instance,
    Hey yo”
    Did I tell you that I have a history with him?”
    “❓” no, actually “❓❓❓❓❓”.
  • From an obvious level of understanding, ❓ is a subjectively mandatory emoji while asking a question; either in a personal chat, comments section, caption, or even a social media story.

Other Names

  • ❓ Red Question Mark Sign
  • ❓ Question Mark
  • ❓ Question Sign
  • ❓ Black Question Mark Ornament
  • ❓ Question Punctuation
  • ❓ Interrogation Point
  • ❓ Query
  • ❓ Eroteme
  • ❓ What??