🔳 White Square Button


QR Code, Scanning, Individualization, Payment, Barcode, Button, Black and White, Color Code

🔳 Meaning: A combination emoji, if observed closely, this button is a ⬜ Large White Square in the background and a ◼️ Black Medium Square at the center.

The 🔳 White Square Button emoji represents the classic black and white color code. It may even symbolize a QR code or a bar code, thus individualizing any subject with it.

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How and When to Use the 🔳 White Square Button Emoji

  • Kickstarting with the QR code angle – if you’re referring to a scannable code, 🔳 would come in handy. Like, “Payment through QR code scanning only 🔳” or “Click to scan 🔳”.
  • Similarly, if the concept of a QR/bar code is being metaphorized anywhere, then too, you may use 🔳. For instance, “Each of us is unique for sure 🔳” or “I’m a person not a commodity with a barcode 🔳” (the irony pretty much explains the variety of use-cases).
  • You could also use 🔳 to indicate that there’s more black than white in any framework (literal and figurative). For example, “There’s more darkness in this picture 🔳” or “She was a mystery, but I knew, I saw some of it 🔳”.
  • While informing about the dress code or the color code for any event is black and white, you can use 🔳.

Other Names

  • 🔳 Black and White
  • 🔳 White Large Square With Black Medium Square
  • 🔳 Black Square With White Background
  • 🔳 Black and White Button
  • 🔳 QR Code
  • 🔳 Scanning Code
  • 🔳 Barcode

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