🍼 Baby Bottle


Feeding, Nurturing, Naive, Depending, Vulnerable, Nursing

🍼 Meaning: A feeding bottle with a yellow silicone teat at the top end, a blue rim below it, and a long, rectangular bottle which is white mostly because of the milk inside.

The 🍼 Baby Bottle emoji has more interpretations to do with its attachment to infancy than its actual use. It can signify naivety, childishness, dependency, and a sense of being needy and wanting to be ‘fed’ all the time; essentially, a lack of spine.

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How and When to Use the 🍼 Baby Bottle Emoji

  • If you’re asking someone to become more independent, you can use 🍼 in that conversation. For example, “Hey. You’re 28 years old, okay? You can’t have me feeding you sense into your head all the time 🍼. Buck up, dammit!”.
  • Similarly, 🍼 can also be used to signify characteristics such as naivety and vulnerability (mostly in a mocking sense). For instance, “Aww. Nothing’s better than a good dose of laughing at laughable people 🍼”.
  • Use 🍼 while complaining about how spineless something or someone is in your life, like, “I really wish she does something about it. She’s becoming a baby, dude! 🍼”.
  • You can also use 🍼 while sharing some cool baby memes, like, “Tis ma drink 🍼”.
  • Also, 🍼 could be used to refer to innocence in a not-so-derogatory way. Like, if someone’s smile is so cute and innocent, you can use 🍼 while reposting something about them or even while commenting on their smile!

Other Names

  • 🍼 Feeding Bottle
  • 🍼 Milk Bottle
  • 🍼 Nursing Bottle
  • 🍼 Babies Bottles
  • 🍼 Baby Bottles
  • 🍼 Infant Feeding Bottle
  • 🍼 Bottle With a Teat