❔ White Question Mark


Less Emphasis, Subtle, Blend In, Fit In, Ordinary, Rhetoric, Question, Seeking, What??

Meaning: A question mark, exactly the same as the ❓ Red Question Mark emoji, just with a difference of the color; white. Sometimes, the mark is given a defining outline or border.

The ❔ White Question Mark emoji signifies much lesser emphasis and weightage as opposed to the red symbol. Due to its color, this emoji will blend into the background, but that too depends on the background.

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How and When to Use the ❔ White Question Mark Emoji

  • If a post/repost has a lot of white in it, and the caption is either a question or some sort of a rhetoric statement regarding the subject or the background of the same, you could bring in. For example, “Who’s in for a splash of white this summer ❔”.
  • Analogically, ❔ symbolizes “the unknown” whereas the red mark suggests alert or rugged interrogation. To make things clear, here’s an example – “Who am I ❔” as opposed to “Who am I ❓” – the latter sends an alerting message, whereas the former indicates subtlety.
  • On a dark background where the letters ought to be white, ❔ falls into the same style as the alphabet but with extra emphasis, which increases the character of this punctuation in any given mundane context.

Other Names

  • ❔ White Interrogation Mark
  • ❔ White Interrogation Symbol/Sign
  • ❔ White Question Mark Ornament
  • ❔ White Query Mark
  • ❔ White Eroteme
  • ❔ White Question Mark With Black Outline
  • ❔ What??