🏳️ White Flag


Truce, Agreement, Negotiation, Peace, Good Sign, Trustworthiness, Amicability

🏳️ Meaning: A rectangular white flag waving from its flag post. The 🏳️ White Flag emoji symbolizes surrender, peace, and amicability on the political front and trustworthiness and positivity signs in the scene of interpersonal relationships (romantic, mostly).

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How and When to Use the 🏳️ White Flag Emoji

  • Unlike the warning signs conveyed by the 🚩 Red Flag, 🏳️ signifies a ‘good sign’, that boosts trust and clears the coast for one to let his/her guard down.
  • A few examples supporting the previous point – “That sounds like a good sign. I have a positive feeling about it 🏳️” or “As shocking as it is all the times I’ve spent with him have been wonderful! 🏳️”.
  • You could also apply 🏳️ as a ‘good to go’ or ‘GO’; essentially a positive sign or a symbol of approval.
  • If you’re sharing news posts about peace in the world, especially one that’s concluded after prolonged enmity, use 🏳️ in the caption.
  • You can locally use 🏳️ even in personal scenarios. Like, “We’re all good now 🏳️” or “Did y’all patch up yet?? 🏳️”.

Other Names

  • 🏳️ Peace Flag
  • 🏳️ Truce
  • 🏳️ White Flag (Good Sign)
  • 🏳️ Waving White Flag
  • 🏳️ Flag of Truce
  • 🏳️ Retreat