👵 Old Woman


Old Age, Aging, Greying, Wisdom, Elderly, Nanna, Care, Nurturing, Inspirational

👵 Meaning: A general description of an old woman maybe in her 70s (probably), portrayed with a couple of facial wrinkles, a pair of glasses, and center-parted hair loosely tied into a bun.

It is available in the designated skin tones on almost all platforms.

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How and When to Use the 👵 Old Woman Emoji

  • If you’re referring an old woman either from your family or outside in your textual conversations, you could use 👵 to describe that person.
  • 👵 can also be used to evoke a sense of grandmotherly love, care, and concern (and the food, of course).
  • Use 👵 in your post captions for pictures or videos that have an old woman in them.
  • Most times, an old woman is a symbol of great wisdom, tolerance, care, learning, and an overall skill to stand strong through the winds of life. So, you can use 👵 to signify wisdom, knowledge, and the characteristics mentioned above in your chats.

Other Names

  • 👵 Old Age
  • 👵 Grand Mum
  • 👵 Grandmother
  • 👵 Granny
  • 👵 Nan
  • 👵 Aging
  • 👵 Greying
  • 👵 Wise
  • 👵 Old Lady
  • 👵 Nanna
  • 👵 Grandma
  • 👵 Elderly Woman
  • 👵 Older Woman
  • 👵 Grandparent