🥛 Glass of Milk


Purity, Strength, Nutrition, Dairy, Buttermilk, Plain Milk

🥛 Meaning: A tall, tapering glass made of a seemingly breakable material, holding plain milk till three-fourths of the capacity. The 🥛 Glass of Milk emoji signifies purity, nutrition, strength, and dairy products. Besides, it can also have other significances too.

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How and When to Use the 🥛 Glass of Milk Emoji

  • If you’re Indian, then this 🥛 would signify marriage, and precisely the first night of marriage. So, in Indian contexts of ‘union of marriage’, ‘wedding traditions’, and apparently even ‘wealth’, you can use 🥛.
  • 🥛 could also suggest nutrition for a growing child. If you’re texting someone about adding a glass of milk to their child’s daily diet or if you’re posting about the benefits of this dairy product from a pediatric POV, etc, use 🥛 in the captions/text message.
  • Besides, milk is the perfect partner for cookies! (Oreos, especially). If you’re inviting someone over for some milk and cookies or posting a social media story about this major ‘MOOD’, use 🥛.
  • In a general context, 🥛 would be one of the mandatory emojis to use for themes such as ‘dairy products’.
  • Apart from these specific use cases, 🥛 can be used in any textual format that has ‘milk’ in it, even ‘buttermilk’.

Other Names

  • 🥛 Milk
  • 🥛 Dairy Product
  • 🥛 Plain Milk
  • 🥛 Warm Milk
  • 🥛 Pint of Milk
  • 🥛 Quart of Milk
  • 🥛 Glass of Buttermilk

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