💮 White Flower


Love, Happiness, Joy, Gratitude, Appreciation, Teacher’s Stamp, Very Well Done, Floral Print

💮 Meaning: An open white flower with a pink or reddish outline throughout the design of the flower. This character has five curves that have a couple of Japanese characters written within it, while the entire floral structure is further embedded with petal structures beneath.

The 💮 White Flower emoji is a circular flower, commonly known as a ‘rosette’. It signifies love, happiness, and gratitude to an extent. The Japanese characters here seem to translate to ‘Very Well Done’, which is a mark or a stamp generally used by teachers.

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How and When to Use the 💮 White Flower Emoji

  • If you’re far away from home and/or your significant other, you can use 💮 while texting them on special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and even Valentine’s Day (back it up with calls too).
  • If you’re posting social media pictures or videos of your shoes, clothes, or even home decor items that you covered in floral prints, you can use 💮 in those captions.
  • 💮 can also be used in captions for fashion posts, especially if the clothing in the post has floral prints or its a combination of pink/red and white.
  • If you understand the idea behind 💮 and the characters, or you just find the emoji pretty, you can use it in your social media profile name.
  • Since 💮 is a rosette, it can be used in the post captions for any rosette picture!

Other Names

  • 💮 Rosette
  • 💮 Japanese Rosette
  • 💮 Floral Print
  • 💮 Very Well Done Stamp
  • 💮 White Flower With Pink/Red Outline