▫️ White Small Square


Bits, Lit, Space, Medication, Drugs, Bullet Point, Checkers, Smallest Space, Tiniest Area

▫️ Meaning: A teenie tiny four-sided white solid. The ▫️ White Small Square emoji could suggest a very small checker box, an animated illustration of medication or drugs, or even a squared dot used as bullet points.

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How and When to Use the ▫️ White Small Square Emoji

  • If observed closely, ▫️ could actually indicate a cartoony version of a drug/medicine as mentioned in the previous point. And, likewise, you could apply this use-case metaphorically too.
  • A few examples for the previous point are – “▫️ Don’t do drugs, kids ▫️”, “Hey. Here’s a drug that could brighten your day ▫️ It’s called common sense” or “Idk, just got popping in a bunch of meds ▫️”.
  • ▫️ may even suggest a lit-up square; which could be a room, an apartment, a part in the brain, etc., a super small one, however. Like, “Whooaa. Guess who just ignited their frontal cortex ▫️” or “Did you finally find that soft spot in your heart? ▫️”
  • Although ▫️ could be used as bullet points, it’s too small and hardly decipherable. In which case, it could be used to create space in written content; between words, paragraphs, or even sentences (horizontally and vertically, of course).

Other Names

  • ▫️ Tiny White Square
  • ▫️ Smallest White Square
  • ▫️ White Square Bit
  • ▫️ White Squared Dot
  • ▫️ White Dot
  • ▫️ White Bullet Point

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