🥡 Takeout Box


Chinese Food, Thai Takeout, Takeout Thursday, Food Delivery, Packed Food

🥡 Meaning: A white rectangular box that has a tapering structure with its three or four top flaps open and the sketch of a monastery in red on it. This emoji represents the typical Oyster Pail.

Although the 🥡 Takeout Box emoji refers to a Chinese takeaway box, it can be used as a general food parcel box too. It signifies food delivery, parceling food, or even packing the remaining food to take it home.

Copy and paste this emoji:

How and When to Use the 🥡 Takeout Box Emoji

  • If you’re texting someone about ‘Takeout Thursday’ or you’re inviting them for the scene, then you can use 🥡 in those conversations.
  • 🥡 can be used for any takeout too besides Chinese takeouts and Chinese food.
  • Apart from packing food from a restaurant, you can use 🥡 even to tell someone that you’ve packed some food for them. For example, “Yo bro. I’ve packed your share of food on the counter 🥡. Get your dumbass home whenever you wanna and eat it. I’m going to bed“. (so thoughtful, ain’t it?).
  • While texting someone to parcel some Chinese food on the way home, use 🥡.
  • You can also use 🥡 in the contexts of the big bang theory (you know it, you know it).

Other Names

  • 🥡 Food Parcel
  • 🥡 Oyster Pail
  • 🥡 Chinese Takeout
  • 🥡 Takeout Thursday
  • 🥡 Thai Food
  • 🥡 Thai Takeout
  • 🥡 Parcel Box