⬜ White Large Square


Transparency, Unity, Peace, Packaging, White Box, Unloading, Blankness

Meaning: A large white square defined with a black border. The ⬜ White Large Square emoji signifies oneness, unity, and purity, in addition to the other labels associated with white.

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How and When to Use the ⬜ White Large Square Emoji

  • ⬜ could represent a white cube, which can suggest a package, courier, giftbox, etc. Hence, if you cannot make much out of a 🎁 Wrapped Gift and if your packaging is quite plain, use ⬜ to describe your gift or any box.
  • ⬜ may also suggest a blank screen; like a digital/electronic notepad, word pad, Word Press, kindle, any such writing or reading device that has a blank screen.
  • The blankness expressed in the previous point can be gathered metaphorically too. Like, “Always be a blank slate ⬜” or “Be kind. You might be the beautiful words on someone’s blank slate ⬜”.
  • Finding a ⬜ in your status bar (if you’re an Android user) could be frustrating because there’s something that’s clearly not loading. If you’re referring to this inability to load in any other framework, you may apply ⬜ – “Sorry. Need some time to load my thoughts ⬜”.

Other Names

  • ⬜ Large White Square
  • ⬜ White Square
  • ⬜ Four-Sided White Solid
  • ⬜ White
  • ⬜ White Block
  • ⬜ White Box
  • ⬜ White Solid