🔲 Black Square Button


Switch, Button, B&W, Polarity, Piano, Blank Screen, Phone Screen, Chessboard

🔲 Meaning: A ⬛ Black Large Square coupled with a ◻️ White Medium Square at the center. The 🔲 Black Square Button emoji internalizes the chessboard pattern, thus suggesting possible illusions stemming from it, apart from representing the colors.

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How and When to Use the 🔲 Black Square Button Emoji

  • While metaphorically saying that something is black and white, there’s a reference to polarities. Like, “Not everything is black and white 🔲” or “This is not a matter of good or bad, in the first place 🔲”.
  • 🔲 could also be a symbol for a frame (white being the part where the picture, scenario, etc. goes). For example, “Gotta frame this baby 🔲” or “Don’t frame situations to escape the truth 🔲”.
  • Since 🔲 compresses both a black square and a white square into one, you could use this emoji as a synecdoche for the piano, piano tiles, or keys (along with the 🔳 White Square Button if you like).
  • You may also use 🔲 in the context of black and white pictures, black and white photography, and the like.

Other Names

  • 🔲 Black Large Square With White Medium Square
  • 🔲 Black Square With White Square
  • 🔲 Black and White
  • 🔲 Black Frame
  • 🔲 Piano Tiles
  • 🔲 B&W
  • 🔲 Button