❗ Red Exclamation Mark


Alert, Exclaim, Excitement, Heightened Emotion, Intensity, Visibility

Meaning: A red exclamation mark (!), sometimes defined with a black outline. The ❗ Red Exclamation Mark emoji signifies excitement, exclamation (as the name suggests), and any emphasized emotion heightened in both expression and intense.

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How and When to Use the Red Exclamation Mark Emoji

  • An exclamation doesn’t always mean that the preceding emotion is positive. ❗ could be used in astonishing, surprising, or angry contexts too. Like, “It pisses me off that the most we could do right now is NOTHING ❗” or “HOW is the government okay with THIS ❗❗”.
  • Since ❗ is red and it’s an exclamatory symbol, this emoji is a valuable item among the “alert emojis”. So, while sharing content that needs high visibility and immediate attention, use ❗. For instance, “❗ Here’s something you’ve never heard of before ❗”.
  • While sharing something exciting on your social media handle or via a direct message (DM), you could include ❗. For example, “I finally got through ❗” or “We’re announcing our first and biggest launch ever ❗”.
  • Essentially, ❗ acts as a replacement for the punctuation – !. Hence, if you wish to make any textual format all the more visually appealing and colorful, you may add this emoji in place of the mundane !.

Other Names

  • ❗ Exclamation
  • ❗ Heavy Exclamation Mark
  • ❗ Exclamatory Punctuation
  • ❗ Exclamation Mark in Red
  • ❗ Heavy Exclamation Symbol
  • ❗ Exclamation Symbol/Sign