🦷 Tooth


Dentistry, Dentist, Dental, Sweet Tooth, Decay, Cavity, Health, Strong Teeth, Molar, Sensitivity

🦷 Meaning: A white human tooth that mostly looks like the front view of a human molar tooth. This emoji differs in the overall design and finish across platforms.

The 🦷 Tooth emoji signifies everything related to teeth; it can be a sweet tooth, a decay, cavity, a wide-toothed grin, anything. Besides, it can also refer to dentists and dental aspects, like dentophobia (lol, jk).

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How and When to Use the 🦷 Tooth Emoji

  • If you’re heading to the dentist and you’re texting your bestie or someone close about it (because come on, no one either likes seeing or posting dental stuff on social media), use the 🦷 emoji.
  • You can also use 🦷 to signify that you have a sweet tooth.
  • If your son/daughter recently lost a tooth and you’re talking about it to your best friend, use 🦷 in that conversation.
  • Unfortunately, if you lost your tooth/teeth, and you’re telling someone about that embarrassment, use the 🦷 emoji.
  • 🦷 can also be used in dental conversations; say between a dentist and the patient, or a patient and another patient, anything (human connections are boundless).
  • If you’re feeling particularly sensitive, tell your bestie(s) that you’re feeling like a 🦷.

Other Names

  • 🦷 Sweet Tooth
  • 🦷 Molar
  • 🦷 Decay
  • 🦷 Cavities
  • 🦷 Dental
  • 🦷 Dentist
  • 🦷 Dentophobia
  • 🦷 White Tooth
  • 🦷 Health
  • 🦷 Strong
  • 🦷 Colgate
  • 🦷 Sensitivity

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