❕ White Exclamation Mark


Subtle Excitement, Mundane, Ordinary, Blending, Moderation, Average Emotion

❕ Meaning: A ❗Red Exclamation Mark designed in white. The ❕ White Exclamation Mark emoji offers the same emotion as the red symbol, but with lesser intensity and volume. Much like the ❔ White Question Mark, this emoji too tends to ‘blend in’.

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How and When to Use the ❕ White Exclamation Mark Emoji

  • If you’re exclaiming something out of excitement or any other emotion, but not to the extent that it would kill if there was no reaction to the expression, you could use ❕. Like, “Please check out this page ❕”.
  • ❕ is more of a peace-maker. It does highlight an emotion but not necessarily in a cut-throat manner. For example, “I was so impressed ❕” or “Aww. You didn’t have to do that ❕”.
  • If you’re trying to induce excitement into a conversation with an acquaintance, ❕ would be the perfect emoji (not too much emotion nor too little). For instance, “Heyy. I will surely spread the word ❕”.
  • Generally, ❕ could be used for decorative or “aesthetic” purposes too – like creating borders, parallel lines, etc.

Other Names

  • ❕ White Exclamation Symbol
  • ❕ A White Screamer (subtle, however)
  • ❕ White Exclamation Mark Ornament
  • ❕ Gasper in White
  • ❕ White Pling
  • ❕ White Slammer
  • ❕ Startler