🦢 Swan


Waterfowl, White Swan, Purity, Loyalty, Soulmates, Inner Beauty, Self Love, Elegance, Charm, Grace

🦢 Meaning: A full profile of a swan, sometimes shown with pure white feathers and sometimes, with off-white/cream plumage. The long neck of the swan is bent down a little and the face is characterized by a bright orange beak, nostrils, and black eyes.

The 🦢 Swan emoji represents one of the waterfowl species, swans. Apart from referring just to the birds, this emoji could signify grace, purity, elegance, and beauty. However, if it’s a black swan, then it suggests traits of mystery, unpredictability, and rarity too.

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How and When to Use the 🦢 Swan Emoji

  • We’ve all seen a pair of swans coming together like a heart, in reality, or on postcards. Heck, honeymoon hotels have towel art in the shape of swans! These swan couples are said to symbolize soulmates. Hence, 🦢 would be a great emoji while talking about something like that.
  • If you’re sharing content on self-love and inner beauty, then too, you could use 🦢.
  • Given the “white purity” of 🦢, you could use this emoji while posting or reposting pictures that have a heavy amount of white or only white too.
  • You could also use 🦢 as a way of showing some classy sass. Like, “Ewww. I wouldn’t be interested in something like that 🦢” or “Do I look like that sort of a person? 🦢”.
  • With purity comes the ideas of flawlessness, divinity, and maybe even something that’s devoid of anything “humane”, because, humans. They ain’t anywhere close to flawless. So, you may include 🦢 while sharing anything that resonates with this description as well.
  • You could generalize 🦢 to other waterfowls such as geese too.

Other Names

  • 🦢 White Swan
  • 🦢 Waterfowl
  • 🦢 Black Swan
  • 🦢 Mute Swan
  • 🦢 Tundra Swan
  • 🦢 Goose