☁️ Cloud


Fluffy, White Clouds, Cloudy Weather, Cloudy Sky, Cloud Watching, Passing Cloud

☁️ Meaning: A fluffy white cloud with a few curved structures at the circumference and within the cloud as well. Sometimes, this emoji is shown with a tint of blue.

Apart from representing a vital part of the sky, the ☁️ Cloud emoji can also refer to the weather and an icon used in forecasting too (it’s gonna be a cloudy day!). This emoji also signifies the characteristics of a cloud such as fluffiness and softness, and cloud watching too!

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How and When to Use the ☁️ Cloud Emoji

  • If you’re texting someone that the weather is pretty cloudy in your locality, use ☁️. Like, “Aye, man. Doesn’t look like I’m stepping out today. Pretty gloomy here ☁️”.
  • A cloud suggests a barrier in the sky, as in, we earthlings cannot see the blue sky when there are clouds. Hence, this emoji may also signify a barrier in other ways; a clouded mind, cloudy memory, etc. You may use ☁️ in those contexts as well.
  • If you’re having some ‘me time’ just by watching clouds and you’re texting someone about it or posting a social media story/post about it, use ☁️ in those frameworks too.
  • Use ☁️ to denote the famous phrase of a passing cloud as well. For instance, “I made you my sky, but you were just a cloud ☁️”.
  • You can also use ☁️ to refer to something or someone who looks/is super fluffy and soft too. For example, “Omgg! Look at youuuu. You look like a cute little cloud ☁️”.

Other Names

  • ☁️ Cloudy
  • ☁️ Gloomy Weather
  • ☁️ White Cloud
  • ☁️ Passing Cloud
  • ☁️ Clouds
  • ☁️ Barrier
  • ☁️ Fluffy Cloud
  • ☁️ Clouds in the Sky