📃 Page With Curl


Letter, Official Information, Offer Letter, Business, Confidentiality, Agreement, Form(s)

📃 Meaning: A white sheet of paper with a page full of typed words. The format of the content seems to be a letter, a formal, official letter that has an inward curl or curve at the bottom.

The 📃 Page With Curl emoji represents a rolled A4 sized paper or a bundle of A4 sized papers that are newly un-rolled. It could suggest a form, a letter, an agreement/contract, or any piece of confidentiality.

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How and When to Use the 📃 Page With Curl Emoji

  • If you’re sharing a post or a repost about ‘filling a form’ (a physical form or an online one), you could use 📃 in the caption. Like, “Fill in this online form to proceed 📃”.
  • You could also use 📃 while broadly referring to agreements or contracts as well. For example, “This is love, man. Not some contract that you can make rules for 📃”.
  • Speaking of rules! 📃 could also represent them! For instance, “Go through the rules before you dive into the game 📃”, “Rule breakers are uniqueness redefined 📃”, or “Read the rules all you want 📃, but the game always changes”.
  • If you’re texting someone or posting a social media memory about a very special offer letter, business letter, etc, feel free to use 📃 – “I got the job!!!! 📃”. Similarly, 📃 could also refer to a resume or a CV.

Other Names

  • 📃 Un-Rolled Paper
  • 📃 Agreement
  • 📃 Form
  • 📃 Business Letter
  • 📃 Offer Letter
  • 📃 Letter
  • 📃 Confidential Papers
  • 📃 Curled Page
  • 📃 Curly Paper