🐁 Mouse


Cute, Timid, Friendly, Harmless, Tiny, Naughty, Quiet, Careful, Nimble, Playful, Innocence

🐁 Meaning: A tiny white mouse, in a sneaky pose, standing on all fours, displaying its furry, all-white body, a small head with cute, round ears, long whiskers, beady eyes, and on the other end of its body, a long, hairless tail.

This emoji is not to be confused with the 🐀 Rat emoji, the characteristics of which include less domestication, but the applications of these two emojis can often overlap. The platforms vary in their depictions of this emoji in terms of design.

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How and When to Use the 🐁 Mouse Emoji

  • When the conversation literally involves a mouse, there’s no better emoji than 🐁.
  • Harmlessness can be conveyed through 🐁.
  • Someone of short and tiny stature can be playfully poked fun at using the 🐁 emoji, but make sure you know and understand the person well enough to do so, as not to hurt feelings.
  • A person being unusually quiet can also be represented through 🐁 for being discreet.
  • Timidity can be represented through the 🐁 emoji as well.

Other Names

  • 🐁 Mouse body
  • 🐁 Rat
  • 🐁 Rodent
  • 🐁 White Mice
  • 🐁 House Mice
  • 🐁 Pet Mice
  • 🐁 Jerry
  • 🐁 Mickey
  • 🐁 Coward
  • 🐁 Quiet