🍥 Fishcake With Swirl


Japanese Food, Ramen or Oden Combo, White Fish, Chewy Texture

🍥 Meaning: A white circle representing fishcake, with a frilled outline and a red and pink swirl on top of it. The 🍥 Fishcake With Swirl emoji signifies narutomaki; an authentic Japanese dish made from white fish.

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How and When to Use the 🍥 Fishcake With Swirl Emoji

  • Sometimes, 🍥 is mistaken for a decorative emoji. Although it’s not wrong, it doesn’t make sense, so refrain from using this emoji in such senses.
  • Fishcake with a swirl goes great with ramen, oden, and other such traditional Japanese dishes. You can use 🍥 along with 🍜 Steaming Bowl or 🍢 Oden in a general context of suggesting that you love the combo or about ‘Japanese cuisine’ or ‘Japanese snack’.
  • In more specific use cases, 🍥 would be brought into post captions while posting or reposting pictures, videos, or even blog links relating to fishcakes, with or without the swirl.
  • Since 🍥 is called ‘Narutomaki’, it can also be used in ‘naruto’ contexts too (it can be decorative in THIS sense, haha).

Other Names

  • 🍥 Fishcake
  • 🍥 Narutomaki
  • 🍥 Fishcake With Pink Swirl
  • 🍥 White Fishcake
  • 🍥 Japanese Fishcake
  • 🍥 Codfish Cake