Emoji 14.0 List

Exciting list of all new emoji expected to launch with Unicode 14.0 in 2022

Unicode is the mother of all emojis. It is the source and the first platform to launch emojis and a huge bunch of other symbols and elements used in everyday digital language. So, every now and then, the list updates. A line of new emojis is introduced and further established across all platforms. Thus, enhancing user experience each time.

The previous Unicode version, 13.1 is coming up with an update, the 14.0 version (aka Emoji 14.0) that has a couple of emoji additions. This blog lists out the drafts of the upcoming emojis. All 37 symbols are in queue for approval as they are just the outline and the probable outcome. None of them are officially launched as of yet. These emojis may be ratified by the end of 2021, giving a possibility of their appearance on all virtual platforms by 2022.

Presenting, the Unicode 14.0 draft emoji candidates. These are additions to existing categories and tags or sub-categories.

  • Melting Face Emoji: A yellow emoji face shown with a smile but one that’s slowly but surely melting. At the bottom is a small yellow puddle made of the face.
    Melting Face Emoji
  • Face With Open Eyes and Hand Over Mouth Emoji: A terrified yellow face with widely open black and blank eyes described in terror through the yellow hand that’s covering the mouth.
    Face With Open Eyes and Hand Over Mouth
  • Face With Peeking Eye: An emoji face with wide eyes covered by the hands. One eye is completely covered while the other is seen through a “V” made by the fingers. Overall, the emoji seems to be quite shocked.
    Face with Peeking Eye Emoji
  • Saluting Face: A yellow emoji face with blank, expressionless eyes and a slight curve of a smile, gesturing a salute with an open yellow palm placed at the corner of the head.
    Saluting face emoji
  • Dotted Line Face: A straight-faced emoji shown with a dotted outline rather than a solid facial circumference.
    Dotted Line Face Emoji
  • Face With Diagonal Mouth: A round yellow face with black dots for eyes and a bold diagonal line lining the mouth.
    Face With Diagonal Mouth Emoji
  • Face Holding Back Tears: An emoji showcasing teary eyes and a wry smile, the lips of which are slightly parted.
    Face Holding Back Tears Emoji
  • Rightward Hand: An open palm, mostly of the left hand moving towards the right. It could also be the tanned side of the right hand.
    Rightward Hand Emoji
  • Leftward Hand: A left-moving right hand with an open palm and tightly spread-out fingers.
    Leftward Hand emoji
  • Palm Down Hand: A loosely held out hand with the palm facing down, gesturing a “dropping” movement.
    Palm Down Hand Emoji
  • Palm Up Hand: A hand shown with the palm faced upwards and the fingers casually held describing a “catching” movement.
    Palm Up Hand Emoji
  • Hand With Index Finger and Thumb Crossed: An emoji description of the “Finger Heart” shown with the thumb crossed behind the forefinger while the other fingers are tucked into the palm.
    Hand With Index Finger and Thumb Crossed
  • Index Pointing at the Viewer: The forefinger sticking out of a fist and pointing directly at the reader.
    Index Pointing at the Viewer Emoji
  • Heart Hands: A pair of hands coming together in a curve to form a heart.
    Heart Hands Emoji
  • Biting Lip: A human mouth shown with pair of pink lips and the upper teeth gently biting on the lower lip.
    Biting Lip Emoji
  • Person With Crown: A gender-neutral description of a human shown with a studded gold crown.
    Person With Crown Emoji
  • Man With Swollen Belly: A man turning to the side and holding his bloated stomach with both hands while softly looking at it.
    Man With Swollen Belly Emoji
  • Person With Swollen Belly: A gender-neutral person standing with their hands on their bulged tummy, striking a side-pose while facing slightly downward.
    Person With Swollen Belly Emoji
  • Troll: The full body description of a monster dressed in rags, holding a primitive weapon over the shoulder.
    Troll Emoji
  • Coral: A general description of a red coral shown with three branches and a couple of smaller ones on each.
    Coral Emoji
  • Lotus: A pink lotus shown on a wide green leaf with a small inverted “v” cut at the start.
    Lotus Emoji
  • Empty Nest: A generic brown nest shown with hairy detailing representing the twigs.
    Empty Nest Emoji
  • Nest With Eggs: A common bird’s nest shown with a pair of blue eggs.
    Nest With Eggs Emoji
  • Beans: Three kidney beans placed closed to each other on their backs.
    Beans Emoji
  • Pouring Liquid: A lean transparent container or glass tilted towards the ground while pouring liquid out and onto the floor.
    Pouring Liquid Emoji
  • Jar: A glass container shown with an air-tight lid and a label on the front.
    Jar Emoji
  • Playground Slide: A generic children’s play slide described with a steep side and a ladder at the back leading to the top of the slide.
    Playground Slide Emoji
  • Wheel: A tire with a black protective exterior and a star-shaped spoke with a small vacant circle at the center.
    Wheel Emoji
  • Ring Buoy: An orange and white striped lifebuoy shown in the inflated state.
    Ring Buoy Emoji
  • Hamsa Hand: An erect open blue palm shown with an eye at the center of it. However, the little finger too seems like another thumb.
    Hamsa Emoji
  • Mirror Ball: A disco ball with a mirror layer on the outside mostly made with tiny pieces of reflective substance.
    Mirror Ball Emoji
  • Low Battery: A digital battery icon with the “+” on the top, a “-” at the bottom, and a red line behind that minus suggesting low battery.
    Low battery emoji
  • Crutch: A single wood and steel crutch shown with orange detailing for the wooden parts and grey for the steel or metal parts.
    Crutch Emoji
  • X-Ray: A chest X-ray shown on a dark film with the bone structure highlighted in neon blue.
    X Ray Emoji
  • Bubbles: Three soap bubbles of varying sizes floating close to each other. Each bubble is described with a clear interior and glossy finish.
    Bubbles Emoji
  • Identification Card: A rectangular ID card or license appearing with the person’s photograph on the left and other details to the right.
    Identification Card Emoji
  • Heavy Equals Sign: A pair of short but thick horizontal lines parallelly placed against each other.
    Heavy Equals Sign Emoji

⚠️ Disclaimer

Each emoji and the content coming with it is in the blueprint stage. None of it is official yet. It’s all just a draft. There may or may not be further changes in the near future.

Apart from these new emoji candidates, there may also be some updates launching in the existing emojis as well. These updates would include things like skin tones.