🪫 Low Battery


Dying Battery, Low Energy, Red Line, Exhausted, Tired, Shutting Down, Drain(ed)

Low battery emoji

Meaning: A cylindrical battery with an almost transparent body shown with a red portion at the bottom. The red part of the battery encompasses a “-” (minus sign) and its opposite side has a “+” on the battery body.

The 🪫 Low Battery emoji refers to a dying or dead battery. This emoji signifies low and no energy as well. It suggests the need to be recharged, rejuvenated, and rewound. Hence, 🪫 can symbolize exhaustion, drain, and a sense of feeling low. It also represents the drive to do things, given how quickly we can find a charger.

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How and When to Use the 🪫 Low Battery Emoji

  • Firstly, the personified use-case of this emoji. If you’re texting someone close about how down you are, you can use this emoji. For instance, “I’m a little exhausted, buddy 🪫or “I think I’m just done. For the WEEK! 🪫.
  • You could also apply this emoji while suggesting that something or someone is drained or draining out. Like, “Don’t beat yourself up like this! All this thinking and overthinking is just draining you out! 🪫 or “My head’s so drained out, it’s not even funny 🪫.
  • This emoji is super useful while telling someone that you don’t have the energy for something or someone.
  • If your phone is on the verge of dying out, this emoji is very effective in informing someone about the situation. Just pop this emoji in and they’ll know that you’ll be out for a while.
  • You may build upon the ‘red line’ in this emoji too. For example, “This is a sign, mate. This is YOUR redline 🪫. Don’t cross it” or “If you continue despite the redline 🪫, you may just cause an explosive scenario”.

Other Names

  • 🪫 Dying Battery
  • 🪫 Red Line on Battery
  • 🪫 Switching Off
  • 🪫 Draining Battery
  • 🪫 Shut Down
  • 🪫 Dead Battery
  • 🪫 Low on Life
  • 🪫 Low Energy