🫤 Face With Diagonal Mouth


Unsure, Skeptical, Uninvested, Meh, Indifferent, Apathy, Disappointment, Disinterested, Expressionless, Umm

Face With Diagonal Mouth Emoji

🫤 Meaning: A yellow face shown with a pair of black eyes and a slanted mouth such that one end of its corners is close to one of the eyes. Although the name says “diagonal”, this emoji could represent a crooked mouth, in both literal and metaphorical contexts.

The 🫤 Face With Diagonal Mouth emoji is the animated version of the textual emoji “:-/”. Both indicate confusion, fickleness, and dilemma. They also suggest a sense of being unsure, skeptical, disappointed, or even expressionless for any reason.

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🚨 Please Note: This emoji is officially approved in September 2021 as part of the Unicode 14.0 release. It will be available on all major platforms and devices during the latter half of 2021 and through 2022.

How and When to Use the 🫤 Face With Diagonal Mouth Emoji

  • Assuming this emoji signifies a crooked mouth, it’s palpable that it means a crooked smile as well. If you were to describe someone with a crooked smile, use this emoji.
  • Examples for the previous point – “I think that’s just how his smile is 🫤” or “Sheesh. Should’ve seen the crooked smile on his face. Made me sick to my stomach” (crooked being twisted in this context).
  • Send this emoji while feeling unsure and not completely invested in something or someone. For instance, “IDK man. Doesn’t seem like a wise decision for now 🫤” or “Nah. I’m really not certain of that 🫤“.
  • A diagonal mouth may also expressionless mouth, given the minimal amount of emotion shown on it. Like, “Meh. I don’t think much of it. 🫤” or “Yeah, cool. Whatever 🫤“.
  • If someone said something that made you think twice or not at all, you can use this emoji in reply to that text. For example, “What? 🫤“, “Huh? 🫤“, “I don’t get it 🫤“.

Other Names

  • 🫤 Face With Crooked Mouth
  • 🫤 Unsure Face
  • 🫤 Uncertain
  • 🫤 Expressionless Face
  • 🫤 Skeptical Face/Skepticism
  • 🫤 Meh Face/Meh
  • 🫤 Indifferent Face/Indifference
  • 🫤 Disappointed Face/Disappointment
  • 🫤 Umm Face