🫤 Face With Diagonal Mouth


Unsure, Skeptical, Uninvested, Meh, Indifferent, Apathy, Disappointment, Disinterested, Expressionless, Umm

Face With Diagonal Mouth Emoji

🫤 Meaning: A yellow face shown with a pair of black eyes and a slanted mouth such that one end of its corners is close to one of the eyes. Although the name says “diagonal”, this emoji could represent a crooked mouth, in both literal and metaphorical contexts.

The 🫤 Face With Diagonal Mouth emoji is the animated version of the textual emoji “:-/”. Both indicate confusion, fickleness, and dilemma. They also suggest a sense of being unsure, skeptical, disappointed, or even expressionless for any reason.

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How and When to Use the 🫤 Face With Diagonal Mouth Emoji

  • Assuming this emoji signifies a crooked mouth, it’s palpable that it means a crooked smile as well. If you were to describe someone with a crooked smile, use this emoji.
  • Examples for the previous point – “I think that’s just how his smile is 🫤or “Sheesh. Should’ve seen the crooked smile on his face. Made me sick to my stomach” (crooked being twisted in this context).
  • Send this emoji while feeling unsure and not completely invested in something or someone. For instance, “IDK man. Doesn’t seem like a wise decision for now 🫤or “Nah. I’m really not certain of that 🫤.
  • A diagonal mouth may also expressionless mouth, given the minimal amount of emotion shown on it. Like, “Meh. I don’t think much of it. 🫤or “Yeah, cool. Whatever 🫤“.
  • If someone said something that made you think twice or not at all, you can use this emoji in reply to that text. For example, “What? 🫤, “Huh? 🫤, “I don’t get it 🫤“.

Other Names

  • 🫤 Face With Crooked Mouth
  • 🫤 Unsure Face
  • 🫤 Uncertain
  • 🫤 Expressionless Face
  • 🫤 Skeptical Face/Skepticism
  • 🫤 Meh Face/Meh
  • 🫤 Indifferent Face/Indifference
  • 🫤 Disappointed Face/Disappointment
  • 🫤 Umm Face