Playground Slide


Amusement Park, Playground, Play, Slide, Glide, Ups and Downs, Life, Childhood, Ride

Playground Slide Emoji

Meaning: A generic play slide with a smooth and shiny slide and a ladder leading up to it from behind. The slide runs steep and then cuts a little only to land straight or horizontally.

The Playground Slide emoji represents a playground on the whole since it highlights one of the popular rides. Apart from signifying childhood, this emoji could suggest a metaphorical plane of ups and downs too, based on how a slide works.

🚨 Please Note: This is an upcoming emoji currently in draft status. It is not available on any device as of yet. This emoji is expected to be released as part of Unicode 14.0 in the year 2022.

How and When to Use the Playground Slide Emoji

  • If you’re referring to the act of sliding into something, this emoji is the perfect description. For example, “Sliding into strangers’ DMs like”.
  • Slides are fast rides. All you need to do is sit and let gravity do the talking. This also paints a philosophical picture of giving up control. So, if any online context ever requires this premise, use this emoji.
  • Some examples for the previous use-case are – “Surrender to the mysterious yet magical force of the universe and enjoy the ride” or “Stop being so obsessed with control. Sometimes, it’s the things that are out of our control that surprise us the most”.
  • Instances supporting the use-case mentioned in the introduction – “Everything about life comes with ups and downs” or “There’s not a single thing in life that remains constant. Life itself means change”

Other Words

  • Play Slide
  • Playground
  • Sliding
  • Slide
  • Glide
  • Slide With Ladder
  • Children’s Playground
  • Amusement Park

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