🫱 Rightwards Hand


Rightward, East, Helping Hand, Left Handshake, Tag, Push, Pat, Hold, Touch, Move, Direction, Backhand

Rightward Hand Emoji

🫱 Meaning: A yellow hand approaching in the right direction, depicted in motion to grab another hand in a shake. The direction of the hand may also be interpreted as the east. The emoji showcases the tanned side of the open rightwards hand.

The 🫱 Rightwards Hand emoji suggests a hand going in for a handshake. It signifies initiation, agreement, a deal, or even a navigational sign (hand in this case), pointing or reaching to the right. It could also symbolize the metaphorical manner of helping someone and asking for help – giving or asking for a hand.

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How and When to 🫱 Rightwards Hand Emoji

  • You may use this emoji as a way of offering peace via a handshake. It could be initiated or reciprocated with the same emoji.
  • If you’re reaching out for something or to something/someone, you could convey it with this emoji. Like, “Hi, guys! Do like and support our cause! 🫱.
  • If you’re making the not-so-serious deals on chat or sealing some of them, you can use 🫱. For example, “I’ll bring the booze, and you get the music. Cool? 🫱”.
  • Use this emoji while being on the giving side as well; as the “helping hand”. For instance, “Little deeds can result in the biggest things 🫱
  • The right hand is generally the dominant hand for most of us. We do a lot of things with our right hands, from writing to eating, and even in a little self-love. Pop culture has turned the right hand as a symbol for “sexual self-help” and you may apply this emoji in this twisted way too.
  • This emoji also refers to the “tag” hand, which is otherwise a game of staying as far from touch as possible. Ironic. But, you may use this ‘tag’ in the sense of transferring something or even forming or making a team with this emoji – “Didn’t know we’d make such a great team! 🫱“.

Other Names

  • 🫱 Left Hand Moving to the Right Side
  • 🫱 Helping (Left) Hand
  • 🫱 Left Handshake
  • 🫱 Left Hand Touch
  • 🫱 Hand Reaching Out
  • 🫱 Patting Hand
  • 🫱 Agreement
  • 🫱 Left Hand Tag
  • 🫱 Right Direction
  • 🫱 Backhand
  • 🫱 Back Hand Slap