Rightward Hand


Rightward, East, Helping Hand, Left Handshake, Tag, Push, Pat, Hold, Touch, Move, Direction, Backhand

Rightward Hand Emoji

Meaning: A yellow human hand held to the right side. This side may also be interpreted as the east. The design of this emoji either showcases the palm of the left hand or the tanned side of the right.

The Rightward Hand emoji suggests a navigational sign (hand in this case), pointing or reaching to the right. It could also symbolize a handshake, road/travel directions (right/east), and a metaphor for helping someone and asking for help, via the helping hand.

🚨 Please Note: This is an upcoming emoji currently in draft status. It is not available on any device as of yet. This emoji is expected to be released as part of Unicode 14.0 in the year 2022.

How and When to Use the Rightward Hand Emoji

  • You may use this emoji as a way of offering peace via a handshake. It could be initiated or reciprocated with the same emoji.
  • If you’re reaching out for something or to something/someone, you could convey it with this emoji. Like, “Hi, guys! Do like and support our cause!” (reaching out for support) or “Being a little over-ambitious here” (reaching for ambition).
  • Use this emoji while being on the giving side as well; as the “helping hand”. For instance, “Little deeds can result in the biggest things”.
  • The right hand is generally the dominant hand for most of us. We do a lot of things with our right hands, from writing to eating, and even in a little self-love. Pop culture has turned the right hand as a symbol for “sexual self-help” and you may apply this emoji in this twisted way too.
  • This emoji also refers to the “tag” hand, which is otherwise a game of staying as far from touch as possible. Ironic. But, you may use this ‘tag’ in the sense of transferring something or even forming or making a team with this emoji – “Didn’t know we’d make such a great team!”.

Other Names

  • Left Hand Moving to the Right Side
  • Right Hand Moving to the Right Side
  • Helping (Left) Hand
  • Left Handshake
  • Left Hand Touch
  • Hand Reaching Out
  • Patting Hand
  • Pushing Hand
  • Left Hand Tag
  • Direction
  • Backhand
  • Back Hand Slap

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